When you think of the ideal focal point for wall decoration, it probably is not fragmented pieces of colour and material that immediately spring to mind. However, if they are arrangedRead more into a certain pattern, they seem to stimulate the mind into making some sort of sense out of what it is seeing. This is where patchworks wallpaper by Photowall come in. They are arguably representative of the our psyche’s need to bring order and structure from chaos. Just like in patchworks wallpaper, loose patterns and splotches of colour are beguiling for us. Patchworks is a hodgepodge of colour and material, mixed together in such a manner that they present an obscure yet pleasing image, one that the eye and the mind can recognize and appreciate. Photowall pays tribute to this unique and bewildering art in its line of patchworks wallpaper. These singular and noteworthy pieces can elevate the overall atmosphere and quality of your living spaces, turning them into virtual museums of modern art. These are practically artistic collages that you can have in-depth discussions about with your family, friends and colleagues. Patchworks wallpaper are an icon for culture and sophistication that you can bring into your own home, hangout or even the good old office. As per usual, your selected items can be altered to match your existing, or planned, interior design style.

Patchworks wallpaper and history

Did you know that patchworks date back around five thousand years to early age China and Egyptian tombs? Most often used to make quilts, the patchwork technique can also be used to make bags and items of clothing, which has even seen a recent resurgence in high fashion. Patchwork quilts have even become a popular piece of global history, which we will get to later. You can see that patchworks wallpaper not only look good, they also have historic and cultural value. In the 18th Century, patchwork flourished after technological improvements in the textile manufacturing industry, which saw people used printed cotton fabrics. It even became street fashion in the 1960s, and has continued into today, presenting itself in a variety of forms across high street retailers. The innovative patterns in patchworks wallpaper can generate a wonderful staple piece in your home or workplace.

Healthy variety

In the practice of psychology, there is a test called the Worschak. Basically, it is a black inkblot on paper. It is shown to the patient and he tells the psychologist what he sees in it. The patient’s interpretation of what he sees in these images tells the psychoanalyst what he wants to know about the patient’s state of mind. Patchworks wallpaper work pretty much the same way. They are a simple collection of bits and pieces of whatever material with colour, pasted together to form an image. But the simple science of these patchworks wallpaper has been overshadowed by their apparent beauty. Some of the greatest museums in the world that feature modern contemporary art showcase some of these wonderful patchworks in their collections. It is a boon without measure that Photowall decided to offer these patchworks wallpaper for public consumption. There are definitely some notable pieces that would liven up your interiors and infuse colour and symmetry to the wall decoration.

Samples of patchworks wallpaper

Items such as "Tapestry Tiles 2" are a quintessential example of what a patchworks wallpaper looks like. This is also what you probably have in mind when hearing the phrase. There are also more "sophisticated" works of art in this category by Photowall, such as "Roses and Angels Patchwork". This gorgeous background can look as good in the living room at home as it can in the board room at the office. Patchworks wallpaper like this can give your room that classy look and feel in an instant. "Neutral Patchwork" on the other hand is on the more artistic side. Creating tremendous visual weight, this black and white piece of contemporary art can go with a number of different interior design styles. Let patchworks wallpaper by Photowall upgrade the look of your interiors!
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