A new and innovative way to display some of the world’s most attractive and interesting works of art, Photowall's selection of paintings wallpaper is guaranteed to fulfill your desiRead moregn needs as well as your own artistic inclinations. Paintings wallpaper featuring various compositions of incredible quality, rich detail and fantastic colours is the design tool that you seek and require. With a paintings wallpaper design of your choice, you will be able to create an interior that will surely make a statement, as well as be the perfect remnant of your personality and aesthetic. These unique motifs create enormous visual balance, interest and weight in any residential, commercial or recreational space that you choose to spruce up with a paintings wallpaper of your choice. Nonetheless, you always have the option of altering these images in accordance with your overall decoration plan, colour schemes, and other elements that come into play when fixing up a room.

Paintings wallpaper as a new way to show precious artworks

Let us face it, it is not always easy to pick out a work of art unless it speaks to you directly, especially when it is intended to decorate your personal interior. Perhaps you feel intimidated by art galleries and their endless arrays of paintings, which maybe makes the idea of actually committing to a painting fill you with a bit of hesitation. This all goes away with Photowall's convenient assortment of paintings wallpaper. First of all, choose an artwork that means something to you, which you are certain to find plenty of our paintings wallpaper selection. Find a story to tell with every piece of art that you own, which adds more personality to your space and enables you to share the enthusiasm when someone will ask you about your striking paintings wallpaper. If you are buying a paintings wallpaper piece to fit into your existing décor, always make sure that the artwork will fit into your home's or office's colour scheme. Either way, a well-placed paintings wallpaper will instantly elevate the room into another atmosphere and make the painting the very eye-catching and captivating focal point. If you choose to do this, make sure to create a clash. The easiest way to do this is with contrasting colours around the paintings wallpaper, or to use textures or contrasting styles that you then display together.

Paintings wallpaper as means of self-expression

As already noted, the best work of art to display is one that speaks to you and you can speak freely about. The elusive but very crucial personal touch can set your interior design apart and make you stand out. Paintings wallpaper can help you tremendously in that you just have to find the right fit in terms of motif. We all know that painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, colour or other mediums to a solid surface. It is definitely one of the important forms in the visual arts, which makes paintings wallpaper a staple in the arsenal of any great interior designer. Paintings wallpaper, just like paintings in real life, can be naturalistic and representational, such as still life or landscape painting. There are, however, many other forms of it such as photographic, abstract, narrative, symbolistic, emotive, or even political in nature. Also important to note when it comes to picking a paintings wallpaper is that historically, paintings in both the East and West are dominated by religious assocation. Nonetheless, Photowall has conveniently outfitted paintings wallpaper with two subcategories which are namely oil & acrylic paintings and watercolours.

Current trends with paintings wallpaper featuring watercolour

In the modern times, artists have taken advantage of this unique medium to create striking works of art. The versatility of watercolour is also very much present in the paintings wallpaper selection of Photowall, as there are numerous and unique designs that are guaranteed to delight the eyes. Paintings wallpaper offers rich, vivid tones and soft, soothing forms. Take a look at something like Cosmic Abstraction, a wonderfully light but complex paintings wallpaper that has hints of both the glorious past as well as the promising optimism of the future. This is also what sets paintings wallpaper apart, it feels at home in every time period and thus makes for a timeless piece in your residential, commercial or recreational space. A gorgeous paintings wallpaper can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.
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