Vintage Maps & Flags

An often popular and useful theme when decorating your own space is actually quite simple. No matter if it is a home or an office space, vintage-themed items can make for a great visuRead moreal as well as providing charm and character. Photowall has a splendid selection of vintage maps & flags wall murals which combine the beauty of vintage with the love for geography. It even contains a number of maps that were originally on parchment. The term parchment is a general term for an animal skin which has been prepared for writing or printing. Parchment has been made for centuries, and is usually calf, goat or sheep skin. Making your vintage maps & flags wall murals even more meaningful and interesting is the fact that parchment has traditionally been used instead of paper for important documents such as religious texts and public laws. Use vintage maps & flags wall murals to express your love for history, as these motifs come in different shapes and forms but all retain that nostalgic value.

Portal to the past with vintage maps & flags wall murals

Photowall's vintage maps & flags wall murals can transport you immediately to somewhere far away or bring you right back home, albeit in a different time setting. We have a vast array of motifs, each possessing that solitary charm with rich details and graceful colour combinations. Retain a piece of the places you have lived or travelled to by displaying it on your wall so you can show your friends your parts of the world. You can get vintage maps & flags wall murals that display nearly every country of the world to bring you back in time and live the exciting life of an explorer. It can also be a stylistic choice, such as the grungy "Retro World Map Nordic", a groovy piece that looks cool and trendy. This kind of vintage maps & flags wall murals will definitely make any room pop.

An old kind of love

For lovers of all things nostalgia and retro, Photowall's vintage maps & flags wall murals category is the special tier just for you. The old souls will be delighted to find charts of geographic areas from yesteryear, like something straight out of an old pirate or explorer movie. "Pirates Map" is a delightful vintage maps & flags wall mural, which would look great on the main wall in the living room and or the entrance in an office. It elevates the room into an interesting space and a great conversation starter for any company that you might invite. These unique types of vintage maps & flags wall murals will make you the focal point of the room. Perhaps it can even get your young ones interested in geography.

Vintage maps & flags wall murals for all

The amazing and solitary designs present in vintage maps & flags wall murals can give any room that stylish vibe and deeper meaning that can leave your visitors in awe. Transforming your walls into a spectacular and touching view is not as hard as you think. The versatility of these vintage maps & flags wall murals is really what makes them stand out. They fit not just any room, whether residential or corporate, but are also a great match for any gender, personality and age. For those who like to travel, "1860 Hand Coloured Map" could be piece for you. It shows our beautiful planet with such grace and style, but a hint of yesterday in its design. You will find vintage maps & flags wall murals heavy on the nostalgia but also tremendous charm and character. Just take a look at "Old Manuscript of World Map" and imagine it in your living room or even the board room at the office. With these vintage maps & flags wall murals, you are guaranteed to have a conversation starter and not to mention plenty of admirers.
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