Vintage Entertainment

Who doesn’t love classic things? From the classic songs, movies, equipment, and others. We all love the feeling of nostalgia. Vintage things would definitely be a good concept for disRead moreplay, so Photowall did the honor, and here they present their Vintage Entertainment wall mural collection. Up your wallpaper game by trying these vintage collection. This would not only make your guests delighted, but also everyone living in the house for it would bring the classic energy of the past to your walls. Old things aren’t always up for recycling, don’t you agree? Be at awe with these perfectly cool wallpapers laid to you by Photowall!

Put the records on

Nothing beats classical music when it comes to relaxing. There’s just something about classical music, or classical things in general, that makes us feel relaxed, at peace, and calm. Seeing things from the past makes us nostalgic right away because of the memories some of those holds. Fill the room with serene feel while listening to some good music with this old vinyl player themed mural. Its black and white photograph theme us just satisfying to look at. Its aesthetic perfectly matches living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms! This high quality wallpaper sets the mood of your room to a more peaceful one. It’s a versatile wallpaper that fits your bedroom, living room, or dining room’s wall! A great wallpaper that makes anyone who sees it wants to relax in the living room. A fitting wallpaper to set the serene vibe in the dining room. Lastly, a cool wallpaper matched with dim lighting that makes you want to have a nice dream in the bedroom. A fan of the song ‘Hey Jude’? You will surely love these vintage posters of the legendary band, The Beatles! Bring out the classic tapes and records and feel the nostalgia while listening to their songs in the living room! The stars that shined so bright in their prime’s wall mural would definitely be a good display for your house. You may also use their songs as a lullaby, and just stare at these beautiful poster-type wallpaper! You may also try a vintage analog tape recorder wallpaper for your living room. It’ll surely rock the eyes of your friends, or maybe an amplifier wall mural would be best for your preference.

Timeless Classics with Vintage Entertainment wall murals

Aside from the classic music brought to us by The Beatles and the classical music recorder and such, Photowall also has these beautiful national magazine scenes. You may try to choose this scene where the lady is entertaining her guests. With a faded color effect, this would be a great display for our bedroom walls or living room walls. Another scene is where the people are talking in an evening ball wearing gowns and looking sharp with the suits. This Audrey Hepburn shot for the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is classic one. She looks stunning with her pipe while smiling. Make your room as stunning as her by trying an Audrey Hepburn themed wallpaper on your wall. You may also try this animation of a bear and a stuffed bear watching a classic commercial on an old television. This gives off a cute classic vibe perfect for your rooms! This vintage guitar also has its charm! These wallpapers are versatile that they are good match for every room in your house.
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