Canal Boats

Canal boats or gondolas are the main forms of transportation in the city of Venice, Italy, and in other places in the world where the land elevation is below sea level. Instead of strRead moreeets, these places are lined with water-filled canals. And in place of cars, trucks, and lorries, the canal boat or the gondola is the main fixture on the waterways of these regions. Photowall pays homage to this magnificent quirk in transportation with its own unique line of canal boats wall murals. These magnificent images showcase these canal boats proliferating some of the more romantic regions on this planet. Place these canal boats wall murals in your living room as a central statement and focal point for the eye, and you and your loved one will feel as though you are on your second honeymoon, floating in the waterways of Venice, with a bottle of champagne and profiteroles in a basket. Position these canal boats wall murals in your recreational spaces and imagine you are being serenaded by one of the black and white-clad boatmen who navigate these amazing conveyances. Fill your home with romance, music, and warmth with these splendid canal boats wall murals on every wall.

Romantic in canal boats wall murals

The city of Venice, Italy is considered one of the best spots on Earth to hold your honeymoon. Every year, millions of newlyweds flock to its waterways simply to experience the enchantment and magic of being able to sit in a canal boat with your bride or groom and absorb the atmosphere of this momentous city. Photowall gives you a taste with “Canal Grande Venice”, “Harbour Waterfront at Dusk”, and “Colorful Bars and Restaurants” in its wide collection of canal boats wall murals. These breathtaking images capture the more alluring nature of this region, the very characteristics that bring in lovers of all kinds from all over the world. These canal boats wall murals will look especially good in your relaxation and lounging dens to give it a continental and exotic vibe. Sit in your favorite chaise lounge with a bottle of red wine, play some opera, and simply while away the hours while gazing at these remarkable canal boats wall murals. Allow these amazing images to bleed off the stress and worries of the day. Fill your urban-dwelling with these wonderful canal boats wall murals and be transported to the waterways of this magical city.

Enchanting in canal boats wall murals

In the film The Italian Job, five highly skilled thieves pull off the heist of the century when they grab a vault full of gold bars with the stamp of a Balinese dancer on them. This daring adventure takes place in Venice, Italy, which is featured heavily in the plot of this motion picture. Photowall gives you candy for your eyes with “Canal in Venice”, “Prinsengracht Canal in Amsterdam”, and “Coloured Boats Moored in Back Street Canal” in its fine line of canal boats wall murals. These fine images not only depict Venice but also Amsterdam as one of the few places in the world where waterways of this sort are common. Hang a few of these canal boats wall murals in your private study or mini-library and feel as though you are a world-class mastermind, plotting out your latest caper. The sense of sophistication and elegance brought by these canal boats wall murals into your home is beyond measure. Invite a few of your friends for an afternoon of Chianti and profiteroles and observe as they marvel in awe and appreciation at your splendid collection of canal boats wall murals.

Magical and mysterious

It is amazing how a peculiar quirk of geography like the elevation of a city can bring about a windfall of beauty and magnificence to a place. Whoever imagined that something which is supposedly a nuisance on the population, would now be its main attraction. The iconic image of two lovers sitting entwined in each other’s arms in a gondola, while a boatman regales them with arias has been the staple of countless Hollywood motion pictures throughout the ages. Photowall gives you a piece of the magic with “Taxi Boat on Grand Canal”, “Venice Street”, and “Nyhavn Canal” in its amazing collection of canal boats wall murals. These fine images depict the more restful and placid nature of these waterways. Place a few of these in your dining room and be amazed at the atmosphere of elegance that they will bring to your mealtimes. The conversations and arguments alone will be nothing short of inspiring. These canal boats wall murals come in a wide variety of designs and colors for the discriminating urban homeowner to choose from. They will coordinate well with any color of wall or wallpaper you decide to backdrop them with.
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