Sailing Boats

Sailing boats of all types are not only one of the most exciting conveyances to ride on this planet, but they have also helped shaped the histories of almost all continents. From the Read moresmall dinghies and day-sailers that fathers and sons sail on weekends in ponds and lakes around their farms, to the staggering galleons and battleships that once were part of some of the world’s most powerful navies, sailing boats have always enjoyed a sacred place in maritime history. Photowall pays tribute to this magnificent invention of man with its own line of sailing boats wall murals. These amazing images depict all kinds of sailing boats, from the most humble and minute, to the largest and most powerful. Hang a few of these sailing boats wall murals in your living room and infuse the space with a very particular nautical feel that will prove very appealing to your family members and your friends alike. Watch as they keep coming up with excuses to keep sitting in this living space. These sailing boats wall murals are not only fine adornments but are a reminder of the great history and contribution that these conveyances have made to politics and commerce all throughout the world.

Adventurous in sailing boats wall murals

The great 15th-century Spanish explorer, Ferdinand Magellan was commissioned by their Iberic majesties, Fernando and Isabella, to find and colonize new lands for Spain, and in the process, acquire new wealth and resources for the kingdom. He sailed on the wooden galleons, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, and eventually made his way to Southeast Asia to discover an archipelago that would later be called The Philippines. Photowall gives you something to admire with “Sailing Ship”, “Sea Battle”, and “Turbulent Navigation” in its fine line of sailing boats wall murals. These breathtaking images showcase the vessels that conquered new lands and set the boundaries of the countries of the Earth in past centuries. Display a few of these sailing boats wall murals in your recreational areas and feel as if you’re an ancient mariner, braving the waters of the deep, blue ocean. Your moments of recreation will be ratcheted up exponentially with all these sailing boats wall murals around you. They will give your play spaces a feeling of thrill and unimaginable adventure, and bring much-needed life into your home. Let these amazing sailing boats wall murals be a permanent fixture in your urban abode.

Imposing in sailing boats wall murals

A few centuries ago, one of the most lucrative commercial endeavors in Europe and the United States was slavery. This illicit trade in the suffering and subjugation of human beings became the backbone of the economies of several countries around the world. From Venice to Amsterdam, to Spain, to the Americas, slavery was encouraged as an acceptable medium of trade. It was only through the intervention of some very humane and enlightened political figures that this ugly commerce was declared illegal all over the world. And to engage in this sort of enterprise was now punishable by law. African individuals were kidnapped from their mother continent and transported by ship to the lands where they were to be sold. The British Navy was instrumental in halting this immoral enterprise on the high seas. Photowall gives you a glimpse of the great defenders with “HMS Belvidera”, “HMS Endymion and USS President”, and “Machinery in the Bows-Robert Charles Dudley” in its wide collection of sailing boats wall murals. These images depict the British battleships that fought the slave-traders and vagabonds on the high seas during the peak of this crime-spree.

Enterprising and lucrative

Whaling was also considered a very lucrative enterprise several centuries ago. The oil of this great sea mammal was highly prized as the fuel that ran industry in its day. The whaling ships of Nantucket even made their way to literature in the immortal tale of the great white whale in Herman Melville’s, Moby Dick. Photowall gives you a few more things to love with “Whale”, “Whale Vintage”, and “Ocean Meets Sky Cover” in its fine line of sailing boats wall murals. These images feature the presence of these oceanic behemoths, backdropped by the whaling vessels that hunted them. Showcase a few of these sailing boats wall murals on the walls of your private study or mini-library, and feel like an enterprising privateer, staking his claims in the 17th century. You can even position a few of these sailing boats wall murals in the sleeping areas and play nooks of your children. Observe as they stare in awe and abject curiosity at these sailing boats wall murals. In a little while, they will be approaching you with questions as to what these great vessels were and what they did for humanity. Let these sailing boats wall murals be a mainstay in your home.
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