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Racing cars wall murals by Photowall is probably one of the most exciting categories in our arsenal. The sport that involves these vehicles is one of the most popular in the entire woRead morerld. The premise is pretty simple and universal, because it entails cars racing each other for the fastest time over a certain distance or time limit. You will see different examples of this in racing cars wall murals. There is also a lot of history in this selection because as soon as gasoline-fueled automobiles were made, people began racing them. This is also speaks to our innate sense for competition and wanting to be the best. These traits can also be translated onto your wall with racing cars wall murals because they can act as inspiration for aspiring racers, or even just as great wall decoration for fans. Aside from the sporting aspect though, auto racing is so vital because it has aided advancing the technology and safety of the vehicles we use every day. No matter what kind of interior you are looking to decorate, racing cars wall murals can bring the dynamism, colour and character. As per usual, you can have your chosen items altered if you need them to match your existing interior design and colour schemes.

Tremendous history

Did you know that the first officially documented race between two self-powered road vehicles happened all the way back in 1867? This shows you just how much history is actually packed into this category of racing cars wall murals by Photowall. It took until 1894, however, for what scholars consider the world’s first motoring competition when a famous Parisian magazine organized a race going from Paris to Rouen. If you are looking for information about the history of stateside auto racing though, you might be surprised to know that America’s oldest existing racing track is also considered the world’s largest sports venue. Although it is not specifically featured in racing cars wall murals, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana is able to hold over 257,000 seats for spectators! Some of you might have heard of NASCAR, which was founded by several American drivers in 1949. While you can see racing cars wall murals from all over the world, there is a healthy competition between Europe and North American for who really reigns supreme in terms of auto racing contests.

Various types in racing cars wall murals

Speaking of racing contests, the same can be said for the types of vehicles used in such competitive events. There are 10 major types of racing cars, many of which are represented in racing cars wall murals. There are rally cars, NASCAR, drift cars, open seaters, off-road race cars, cup racing cars, drag cars, touring cars, top fuel dragsters and prototype race cars. Racing cars wall murals like "Rally" feature one of the most popular types worldwide. The basic concept of this is to take a conventionally produced vehicle and transform it into a racing machine that can withstand competition on different terrains like gravel, mud, asphalt, or even snow. This sport has been part of the racing scene since the 1950 and is still popular up to this day because it does not just involve speed but also intimate knowledge of the vehicle. This is another benefit to racing cars wall murals, you will get to know the intricacies of each piece because they inspire you to study.

Mister Popular

In terms of popularity worldwide, however, no auto racing competition can contend with the giant that is Formula 1. The automobiles you see in racing cars wall murals featuring Formula 1 are masterpieces automotive design and engineering. Every single component of the machine is there by design and built for speed, wherein they even move at similar rates of aircrafts on runways! If you have ever watched a Formula 1 race on television, you will definitely be familiar with the sound that these cars make. It is such an iconic hum that you will practically hear it yourself whenever you look at racing cars wall murals like "Formula One Race". This particular piece also displays the other elements that make Formula 1 so attractive. There is glitz and glamour as well as the hint of an exotic location where you compete with the best in the world. Racing cars wall murals can bring all those attributes into your chosen space.
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