One of the most diverse and fascinating categories in our arsenal is infrastructure wall murals. This refers to the facilities, structures and systems that serve the economy of a locaRead moretion, business, industry, and many more. Infrastructure wall murals can also be representative of the foundation or framework that supports a particular system or organization, but mainly physical structures in this particular segment. Since we like for you to have a streamlined and comfortable experience in making your selection, infrastructure wall murals by Photowall have been divided into three convenient tiers namely Bridges, Canals and Roads. Your chosen space will benefit from having unique designs, tremendous locations, superb colour and rich details. Whether it is your home or the workplace, infrastructure wall murals will make a huge visual impact that can be felt for years.

Bridges in infrastructure wall murals

These structures that basically connect point A to point B are heavily featured in infrastructure wall murals. What better way to show this than by highlighting one of the most prominent bridges in the world as well as a true American landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge. Located in San Francisco, California, you will have undoubtedly seen this beauty in films or books. Given its massive length and size, this structure has also often been used as example of the significance this bridge has to the national security of the United States of America. Infrastructure wall murals featuring this particular bridge can be used in the same manner, as an aforementioned inspiration to visit, or as a reminder of a memorable trip in your past. Infrastructure wall murals like "Fire Over San Francisco" can show it from a different but still beautiful angle. "Golden Beach" can arguably be considered as the star of this show, an absolutely stunning example of the perfect angle in a photograph. With infrastructure wall murals like these, you are guaranteed to be the talk of the town while also showing off a side of your personality that some people might not be aware of.

Canals and their basics

An often overlooked but really vital part in any infrastructure is the "simple" canal. Infrastructure wall murals by Photowall are here to give this component its due in the spotlight. In its most general form, a canal is simply a man-made waterway that allows boats and ships to pass from one body of water to another. They are also used to transport water for irrigation and other human uses. As you will see in infrastructure wall murals, despite the advent of more efficient forms of transportation, canals still play a vital role as conduits for transportation and fostering global commerce. Essentially, there are two types of canals, which are waterways and aqueducts. Waterways are the navigable parts of a body of water, and can be located within a bay or open sea, can connect two or more bodies of water, or may even form networks within a city. This is the main subject of infrastructure wall murals like "Bricks and Water Alleys in Venice" or "Canal through Forest IV". The texture that these images provide can go a long way in making your interior stand out.

Infrastructure wall murals of roads

We all know that roads can take you away to places you have not yet been and thus are symbols of possibility. Infrastructure wall murals of roads provide a glimpse of some of humanity's achievements in creating safe surfaces on which to travel. From the steps of ancient civilizations to our modern multi-lane tarmac, infrastructure wall murals remind us that our journey is never over. Enjoy whimsical road signs, romantic views, beautiful scenery, or other road-related surfaces depicted in infrastructure wall murals from around the world. "Willow in Skåne, Sweden" and "Maple Canopy" are just some samples of the gorgeous real life photography you will find in this category. If you are more artistically inclined, check out the infrastructure wall mural "Viaggio" which can be the simple but sophisticated artwork to really make your room pop.
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