A very interesting and distinct animal as your focal point will really give your interiors character and texture. Combine it with its natural habitat which is also eye-catching and yoRead moreu have yourself an incredible wall decoration. Photowall's camels wall murals tick every aforementioned box in stunning fashion. These unique animals have played a huge part in the history of some regions and thus have formed a deep connection with humanity. Camels wall murals are an extension of that, giving you a meaningful and attractive main attraction in your interior design. Whether it is the home or the office, the unique designs, beautiful colours and attractive locations of camels wall murals will aid you in upgrading the look of your space. As we peruse this gorgeous collection of camels wall murals, you will learn a thing or two which you can share with your loved ones. Your selected items can also be modified to suit your aesthetic, colour schemes and so on.

Basic information

The most immediate thing that people associate with camels are their humps. These large land mammals are composed of three species, which are dromedary, Bactrian and wild Bactrian camels. See which ones you can find in our wonderful assortment of camels wall murals. The best known is of course the single-humped dromedary camel which represents almost 90 percent of the world camel population. Bactrian camels are the ones with two humps and are divided into two categories, namely the Wild Bactrian and the domesticated Bactrian. Sad to say, Wild Bactrian camels are critically endangered with fewer than 1,000 individuals remaining. Perhaps camels wall murals can be the gateway in which you preserve in the conservation of these amazing animals. Contrary to popular belief, camels do not store water in their famous humps, but rather it is used to contain fat. When sources becomes scarce, this fat releases water and energy for the camel to use. This is just one of the interesting tidbits you can use when family and friends ask you why you chose camels wall murals as your wall decoration.

Interesting locations with camels wall murals

As already hinted at, the appeal of camels wall murals lies as much in the subject as in its different habitats. Dromedary camels can be found primarily in the Middle East but also central Australia, while domesticated Bactrian camels reside mostly in Central Asia and the rare Wild Bactrian camels occupy isolated areas of China and Mongolia. As you can see from camels wall murals like "Camels on the Move" and "High Life", their surroundings can be vastly different. These beautiful images will really transform your space into a remarkable and memorable place to be. "Desert Camel" is perhaps the cliche representation of these animals. Nonetheless, a camels wall mural such as this truly illustrates the amazing survival skills and tenacity these creatures possess. These traits are transmitted through the imagery and will integrate themselves in your chosen interior. Camels wall murals look as good in the living room at home as they can in the board room at the office.

Symbolic value

Speaking of these characteristics, it is therefore no wonder that this animal has long had a special place in the stories coming to the West. From the Three Magi journeying to Christ’s birth to the famous sight of "Lawrence of Arabia", we have always been intrigued by these fantastic mammals. As you can see in camels wall murals, they are evocative of concepts such as travel and journeys, perseverance and stamina. It is no wonder that artists have been inspired by camels for centuries. Just check out the beautiful camels wall mural "Desert Scene - Francisco Lameyer" to see what we mean. A camels wall mural like this can instantly change your room into an area of class, sophistication and culture. If you want something a bit more modern, the minimalistic "Egypt" is also stunning and versatile. Whichever way you choose to go, camels wall murals will help you increase the visual weight of your interiors.
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