If you want to provide texture to your interior design, especially in terms of wall decoration, you cannot go wrong with Photowall's smooth wall murals. Any residential, recreational Read moreor even commercial space will benefit from the sights present in this category. Well-placed smooth wall murals will give the room a different kind of feel, increasing the visual weight and depth. If you are inclined towards this type of decoration, then Photowall has the perfect smooth wall murals for you in a variety of hues. There are a lot to choose from and they are not limited to one singular type of composition. You are sure to find the one, or multiple, smooth wall murals in this category that will suit your aesthetic the most without any hassle. Room transformations are made easy with this beautiful collection of smooth wall murals as they can also be modified to suit your planned aesthetic or existing look.

Fantastic appearance

The use of smooth wall murals is one of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial look in your home, something that is quite trendy these days, even for residential spaces. Although this industrial look in interior design has been used for some time now, it can certainly give your home that authentic urban vibe. The exposed surface featured in smooth wall murals was a big hit even during the 90s and still gives the room a kick when it comes to designing the interiors of today. Nonetheless, smooth wall murals can also give a rustic aura that evokes familiarity and a comfortable ambience. Despite the common notion of concrete being merely gray, colours are subtle and unique in smooth wall murals which makes them even more interesting as they are simple but lively. Another wonderful thing about these images is that they can blend very well with most interior design styles. The clarity smooth wall murals have will help you successfully achieve a minimalist layout. In addition to these noteworthy traits, the use of this category by Photowall can give you a clean and powerful focal point that many people will definitely admire.

Establishing a look with smooth wall murals

Smooth wall murals supplement any room with that extra layer of character and personality. Textures are often overlooked because we take them for granted, since we are so used to it being around us almost all the time. However, if you isolate a specific texture, it brings out a trait of individualism, making the contrast pop. We allow ourselves to get lyrical about the beauty of paintings but sometimes neglect to enjoy the luxurious feel of something like marble. Smooth wall murals featuring marble can literally transform any room from ordinary to spectacular, with a well-placed and beautiful image being the critical factor in elevating a room organically. They are able to provide the aforementioned visual weight, since most of us do not want our rooms to be nondescript. Spice things up with a smooth wall mural like "White and Green Marble", for instance. This smooth wall mural is elegant and royal with a certain shade of white that makes it look so appealing and timeless.

A distinct difference

It is very helpful to know the difference between a stone and a rock when you pick some of smooth wall murals. A stone is essentially a rock that has been modified by a human activity for some application, like crushing rocks to make gravel, carving rocks for sculptures and blocks, gems and so on. A rock is a solid material comprised of a mixture of minerals which may or may not be weathered, but any modification done to it is of purely of natural origin. So basically, the difference between a stone and a rock and is that rock refers to the raw material while stone is rock after human intervention. Nonetheless, both make for fascinating subjects to put up in your room, where you cannot go wrong with Photowall's smooth wall murals assortment. Pieces such as "Soft Grunge Stone Wall" and "Balanced Rocks" are great examples, with both being elegant and beautiful adornments that provide different types of looks.
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