Biblical Characters

Photowall's biblical characters wall murals are a testament to the world's most and read book, and as a consequence, its characters. Did you know that The Bible was originally writtenRead more in three languages? These were Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, but its message is universal and transcends most boundaries up to this day. This makes biblical characters wall murals a great cultural asset aside from being a visual treat. The original Bible is about 611,000 words long, but when translating the Bible from its original languages to English, translators tend to use more words to get across the original author’s point. It is really interesting to think that while the Bible is longer than Moby Dick, it is nowhere near as long a read as the Harry Potter saga! These are just some of the factoids you will learn while we explore biblical characters wall murals. These amazing works of art can upgrade any sort of interior, no matter if it is the living room at home or the break area at the office. Biblical characters wall murals are dominated by renowned artists, making your wall decor a symbol of history, style and class.

The Good Shepherd in biblical characters wall murals

The undoubted central figure of the Bible is Jesus Christ. Biblical characters wall murals show this amazing figure in different stages of his life. Most historians believe Jesus was a real man by comparing Christian accounts of his life with historical ones recorded by Romans and Jews, most notably the historians Flavius Josephus and Cornelius Tacitus. Those biblical writings mention very little, however, about what Jesus may have looked like except for perhaps the clothing that he and his disciples wore. Although research suggests Jesus may have stood at an average 1.7 meters tall, with a possibly short mop of black hair, olive-brown skin and brown eyes, we all have the universal image of him that was undoubtedly born out of the artworld. You will see what we mean in biblical characters wall murals. If you picture Jesus in your head, you are probably thinking of biblical characters wall murals such as "Crucified Christ - Diego Velázquez" or "Jesus".

Mother to us all

Mary, or Virgin Mary, is one of the most controversial women in the history of religion. According to the New Testament, Mary is the mother of Jesus, an ordinary Jewish woman of Nazareth who was impregnated by God in a sinless way. While that last bit is a topic of much debate, she has become a symbol to many people around the world, as evidenced in biblical characters wall murals. From the iconic birth night of Jesus Christ to his sad demise, Mary was at his side. You can even use biblical characters wall murals to chart their lives together in a wonderful arrangement. Then there are biblical characters wall murals like "Virgin Mary", an incredibly striking portrait that can add character and drama to any interior. If you really want to up the ante in terms of style and personality, choose items such as "Garland with the Virgin and Child - Daniel Seghers" for the ideal focal point in any space.

Biblical characters wall murals and their source

Since its beginnings during the first century of the Roman Empire, Christianity has spread around the world strong and fast to become the principal religion, value-system and social agenda of mankind. The Christian Church was the largest and most influential patron of the arts for a very long time, and still retains that title in its assets. From the outset, the Christian Church used many different types of art in order to create an identity for itself, increase its power and thus attract devotees. You can see this in architecture, sculptures, paintings, decorative art, illuminated manuscripts and Photowall's selection of biblical characters wall murals. "Lamentation of Christ - Sandro Botticelli" is just one of the many stunningly stylish and meaningful motifs in our biblical characters wall murals array. So many masters of the art realm have contributed pieces that are now present in this category by Photowall. This allows you to practically turn your interiors into an art gallery of different periods through the use of biblical characters wall murals.
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