An Angel is defined as a supernatural spiritual entity who is the servant of God, whoever different religions may hold Him to be. Abrahamic religions often portray angels as benevolenRead moret celestial intermediaries between God and humanity. They also serve as guides and guardians for humans, and as the ones that carry out God’s will, both in Heaven and on Earth. Abrahamic religions outline angelic hierarchies, which may differ according to sect and religion. Angels are commonly portrayed in art as human-like creatures of extreme beauty and are often painted as having wings, like those of a bird or a swan, and haloes above their heads. Photowall pays tribute to this eternal celestial being with its own collection of angels wall murals. These angels wall murals depict the many visages that artists have envisioned as the manifestations of angels throughout history. Hang these splendid angels wall murals in your living room, and ignite the space with a light and reverence that can rarely be seen anywhere else. Your family and friends will be astounded by these angels wall murals all around them. These angels wall murals will make the area look like The Garden of Eden itself. These angels wall murals are images of some of the most celebrated works of art in history, and having them on your walls is truly an achievement in itself indeed.

Celestial in angels wall murals

There are two types of angels as described in the Judeo-Christian faith and several other Abrahamic religions. There are those who serve God, and there are the fallen angels who are called demons, who have been cast out of Paradise for opposing God’s will. Seraphim are the highest choir of angels and stand by God in Heaven. They have six wings and carry out the will of The Almighty, both in Heaven and on Earth. Photowall gives you a glimpse of things higher than we understand with “Blumenengel”, “Asian Angel”, and “Abduction of Europa-Cora Wandel” in its magnificent collection of angels wall murals. These examples of angels wall murals showcase the renderings of the great artistic masters of these heavenly creatures. Hang a few of these angels wall murals in your private study or mini-library and imagine you are an erudite religious theologian, pondering the mysteries of the divine. Place a few of these angels wall murals in your recreation room and feel like you are being embraced by Heaven itself, while you bask in the beauty of these angels wall murals. Playtime will never be more fun or engaging than with these angels wall murals all around you.

Chosen in angels wall murals

Cherubim are another host of angels who guard the Gates of Heaven with a flaming sword. They are sometimes tasked to bring love to human beings here on Earth. They are depicted on the lid of The Ark of the Covenant of the Hebrews and have been portrayed many times in religious plays and paintings. Cherubim are said to have multiple faces and can change their visage at will. Like Seraphim, they also have wings and take human form. Photowall raises your understanding of all things heavenly with “Annunciation-Adriaen Van De Velde”, “Little Angel”, and “Watch over me” in its amazing collection of angels wall murals. These examples of angels wall murals feature the more caring and nurturing side of these celestial beings. Hang a few of these angels wall murals in the sleeping areas and play nooks of your children and watch them gaze in quiet awe and appreciation at these fine images. Let these wonderful angels wall murals serve not only as beautiful adornments but as primers that will introduce your kids to the captivating world of the divine.

Anointed and revered

Archangels are called the Warriors of God. They do battle whenever The Throne is challenged or placed under siege by those who would oppose it. They also carry out the Wrath of the Almighty here on Earth and are said to be responsible for the execution of such acts as the killing of the firstborn of Egypt in The Book of Exodus, and for the closing of the Red Sea in the tale of Moses. The Metatron is a class of angel that is said to be the bearer of The Voice of God. The Voice of the Almighty is too powerful for human aural capacities and would cause our brains to explode if we were to hear it directly. So it is the voice of the Metatron that delivers The Words of God safely to human ears. Demons are fallen angels who have opposed the Will of God or have been so arrogant as to challenge The Throne. They are cast out of Paradise and are directly sent to Hell, or end up on Earth, as entities that whisper evil into the hearts of human beings. Grab your own collection of these amazing angels wall murals today.
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