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Ever since the invention of the cinematograph, the entire world has been fascinated by the dazzling and talented individuals who portray imaginary characters on the silver screen. FroRead morem the early days of silent movies to the digitally enhanced, color-corrected, high definition films of today, mankind has been in love with the actors and actresses that have entertained and delighted us through the ages. Photowall gives a high salute to these thespians in the industry with Photowall’s own collection of actors & actresses wall murals. These amazing images feature some of the most popular luminaries who have graced the silver screen from the golden days of Hollywood to the present. Add glitz and glamour to your home by filling it with these actors & actresses wall murals. There is literally no space in your home where these fine images would not look perfect. Hang a few of these actors & actresses wall murals in your living room to give the space some flair and flamboyance. Position a few of them in your recreational den and find out what recreation really means. These actors & actresses wall murals would even go well in your private study or mini-library. They can make you feel like a Hollywood film mogul.

Glamorous in actors & actresses wall murals

In the 1940s, a beautiful young actress named Norma Jean Baker was struggling to make a name for herself in the industry. An enterprising young talent scout soon spotted her, changed her name to Marilyn Monroe, threw her into the limelight, and one of the most iconic and enduring sex symbols in all of motion picture was born. Photowall shows you that some like it hot with “Glam and Glory”, “Blond Smart Baby”, and “The Seven Year Itch” in its wide collection of actors & actresses wall murals. These amazing images feature Marilyn Monroe in some of the films that made her the fantasy of every single male on the planet. Hang a few of these in your lounging areas and bask in the raw appeal of this sensational star. Invite a few of your friends who are film lovers over to your place for some drinks, and make an afternoon of exchanging stories as to which of her films is their favorite. Enjoy the animated conversations you will have while surrounded by these actors & actresses wall murals. They are a surefire hit with everyone who sees them. Be the envy of all with these actors & actresses wall murals.

Dazzling in actors & actresses wall murals

Some actors and actresses make the transition from actor to writer and director in the span of their careers. Sylvester Stallone began his career by writing a screenplay called Rocky, which he also starred in. This film won him an Academy Award for Best Screenplay which launched him into superstardom. The same is true for actor Mel Gibson, who tried his hand at directing, with a film called Braveheart, which then earned him a Best Director Oscar. Photowall salutes the great achievements of these actors with “Rocky-Sylvester Stallone”, “Sylvester Stallone in Rocky II”, and “Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III” in its fine line of actors & actresses wall murals. These images showcase the iconic actor who turned a simple screenplay into a multi-million dollar film franchise. Hang a few of these actors & actresses wall murals in your hallways to remind you that the path to stardom contains a lot of twists and turns. And that success can come to anyone at any time. You can even place a few of these actors & actresses wall murals in the rooms and play areas of your children, to give them endless hours of fun and entertainment.

Classic and enduring

These actors and actresses not only serve as instruments for making films, but they have also gained status in popular culture as celebrities. Their every move is followed, their styles of dress are copied, and their lifestyles become the model for those who aspire to more luxurious and controversial pursuits. With the advent of the showbiz celebrity, a new mutation of news reporter also emerged, this is the paparazzi. Named after a notorious Italian reporter, Enrico Paparazzo, this type of reporter stalks these celebrities like prey and makes money by photographing them in scandalous and less than appropriate situations. Photowall reminds us that fame has a price with “Greta”, “Rita Hayworth in Gilda”, and “Queen Cleopatra” in its massive collection of actors & actresses wall murals. These images depict some of the great Hollywood actresses whose private lives were splashed all over the tabloids by unscrupulous reporters, who used them as fodder to whet the more distasteful appetites of the viewing public. These actors & actresses wall murals can also serve as a cautionary symbol to all of us, that too much of a good thing can bring about consequences we might not like.
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