The stamen is scientifically defined as the pollen-generating reproductive organ of a flower. A collection of stamens form what is called the androecium. A stamen is commonly made up Read moreof a stalk called a filament and an anther that is filled with microsporangia. Anthers usually have two lobes and are connected to the filament, either at the base or in the middle region of the anther. The sterile tissue between the lobes is called the connective and is an extension of the filament which is full of conductive strands. Photowall pays tribute to this helpful and beautiful wonder of nature with its own line of Photowall stamen wall murals. These stamen wall murals feature flowers of all shapes and sizes, with their pollen-producing stamens visible for all to see. Hang a few of these stamen wall murals in your living room and turn the space into a virtual garden or greenhouse. Feel the freshness and bounty of nature with these amazing stamen wall murals around you. Your family and friends will appreciate you filling your home with these stamen wall murals, and will find ever more imaginative ways to linger in your living room. You may also position these stamen wall murals in your recreational rooms to further enhance the atmosphere of calm and increase the fun factor in this space. These stamen wall murals will be a hit in your home.

Reproductive in stamen wall murals

But stamens are not just an indispensable organ of a flower. They can also serve as a symbol of rebirth and new life. Likewise, the falling and scattering of pollen during summer can symbolize the beginning of all things and can fill us with hope and nostalgic emotions. Even poets, minstrels, and scribes have been inspired to do their greatest work with the image of stamens spreading pollen off a flower. Photowall gives you something to ponder with “Meadow Flowers-Black”, “Meadow Flowers-Bright”, and “Meadow Flowers-Pink” in its amazing collection of stamen wall murals. These stamen wall murals depict the more common scenarios where we can view stamens in nature. Hang a few of these stamen wall murals in your common areas to give the space an arboreal and natural air. Their very presence will help you relax and erase all your worries. Sit with a glass of lemonade on your favorite recliner and simply allow yourself to get lost in the placid and tranquil beauty of these stamen wall murals. Put on some music to complete the fantasy of being in the deep woods.

Spreading in stamen wall murals

A lot of creatures in nature rely on the pollen that stamens generate for food and sustenance. A bee will consume pollen until it is able to make honey to fill its hive and feed its colony. Animals who use protective camouflage as a form of defense will often take the form of androecium on the tops of flowers to conceal themselves from their natural predators. If the flower is big enough, even small animals will take shelter under it during episodes of rain. In the military, one of the skills taught to soldiers on forest survival is to gather the water that trickles from the stamen and the petals of flowers, so that they will have enough to drink. Photowall gives you, even more, to love with “Amaryliss-Close up”, “Beautiful Flower”, and “Cosmos” in its wonderful collection of stamen wall murals. These examples of stamen wall murals showcase stamens and how they proliferate their kind. Display a few of these splendid stamen wall murals atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as if you’re falling asleep in the heart of the jungle, surrounded by foliage and lush vegetation. These stamen wall murals will give you the best sleep you’ve ever had in a long time.

Surviving and essential

People sometimes forget that plants and flowers are aggressive living things. This owes to the fact that, unlike humans or animals, they do not have a very noticeable sense of motion. But flowers grow, fight, feed, reproduce and protect themselves everyday. These are the traits, not only of a dynamic lifeform but of a sentient being. Their stamens produce larger amounts of pollen when the flower is in danger of being obliterated by disease or the consumption of animals. In the plains of Africa, Acacia flowers are known to elevate their stamens to dizzying heights once giraffes begin to graze on their leaves. Photowall lets you see things in a new light with “White Christmas Rose”, “Coneflower”, and “Anemone” in its remarkable collection of stamen wall murals. These stamen wall murals feature a few more ways that flowers spread their pollen from their stamens to reproduce. Hang a few of these stamen wall murals in your lounging den and feel the calming and relaxing energy that they give out. Multiply the soothing factor in this space a hundredfold by having these stamen wall murals on the walls. Simply gazing in quiet rumination at these stamen wall murals can ease away the worries and cares of the day.
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