While cold seasons can be avoided if you live in the tropics, you really cannot do anything about bad weather no matter where you are in the world. So if you are longing for sunshine Read moreand summer vibes, you have the option of using imagery in your interiors that can uplift the mood during those dark days. Photowall's beautiful collection of petals wall murals are just the right tool to achieve this feat. Whether they are shimmering in the glow of the sun or sparkling with the freshness of a spring dew, each petal in this category carries with it tremendous visual weight. Set your imagination free and lose yourself in the vibrant colours of the blossoms in each petals wall murals. You can choose roses or heliotropes for deep reds through to the more subtle blush pinks. Pansies or poppies offer cooler blue shades for a more chill vibe. The beauty of these artistic interpretations in petals wall murals is the perfect decoration tool for any room in your home, recreational area or even the office. With the option of adjusting these motifs of your liking, there is bound to be petals wall murals just right for you.

A little bit of history

Believe it or not, a long, long time ago, there were no flowers! We tend to think that flowers were here since the beginning of time, but they were not, at least not in the form that they are in now. In the Cretaceous period, some 130 million years ago, a handful of rogue cone-bearing plants started protecting their naked seeds with a new structure born out of evolution. This new, flimsy bit of colour was so successful at boosting pollination rates that it spread far and wide, making flowering plants the most successful types of plant life on Earth during that time. That structure is the petal we know and love today, and which you can see plenty of in petals wall murals. You can even see this pollination process in pieces such as "La Felur". This particular petals wall mural is absolutely stunning and can make for a great focal point in your home, or even the workplace. Studies have shown that artwork can boost productivity in the office by creating a visual stimulant for the employees.

Vibrancy with petals wall murals

As mentioned, petals evolved to protect the reproductive part of a flower and to attract or repel specific pollinators. We know that flowers come in practically every colour imaginable, but did you know that they also feature colours we cannot see? Flowers exist to attract the type of pollinator that will help them to procreate their species, but not all pollinators are created equally. Thus, it is a waste of resources for a plant to attract the wrong sort. Colour plays such an important role in interior design as well. Warm hues and shades like in the petals wall mural "In Pink Delight" are perfect for an intimate space like the bedroom. The darker but more somber tinges of "Loufoque - Cobolt" on the other hand might be ideal for a workspace or the living room, to balance out the many things going on.

Facts and figures

Before you make your selection of petals wall murals final, let us make sure you know what we are talking about when we talk about the plant parts called petals. You may be surprised to learn that petals are actually modified leaves. As a modified leaf, a petal has a broad, flat area called the blade. At the narrow end, where the petal is attached to the plant, is the claw, which is very similar to a leaf stem. Without getting too technical, this is vital information because people will ask when they see your petals wall murals as these items are incredibly eye-catching and interesting. Just imagine a piece such as "Dandelion Blowing" or "Spring Border Cherry Blossom" in your living room. Visitors will be very curious as to why and what your wall decoration is, and perhaps even more surprised when you talk so eloquently about it. That is essentially what petals wall murals also represent, it is not just pretty to look at, but also a very important part of plant life.
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