A lovely wall mural design that will captivate the hearts of anyone who sees it. Showing one of the most popular flowers of all time, Roses wall murals are amazing designs that will sRead moreurely make your home or space look attractive. From the collection of Photowall, these designs will truly make a wonderful transformation to your interior.

Beautiful design for a lovely home

A lot of homeowners and designers have continuously been looking for the right design to make the interior look appealing and interesting. Actually, if you are going to look at magazines, books, or websites, you will be amazed that there are tons of ideas that you will surely love. This is also true when it comes to decorating the walls. In the past, the use of paint is common and we are quite satisfied with them. Choosing your favorite color and applying them on the walls is satisfying enough. However, with the continuous development in the field of construction and design, the same is also true with the preferences of people. Photowall has the right wall mural designs that will truly captivate the hearts of its users. One of the amazing and lovely designs are the Roses wall murals. These are amazing art that will surely make the wall look interesting and spectacular. With 50 designs to choose from, there is always a wall mural that will blend well to your interior design style. Printed in natural colors, black and white, and color splash, the designs will surely make your walls lively and vibrant. Take for example Roses in color splash such as Roses - Purple and Grey and Roses - Pink and Grey wall murals. These highlight the beauty of the flower in your room. If you’re going to read some literature about this amazing flower, the different colors of roses have their respective symbolisms. Depending on your choice and preferences, you will surely have the best wall covering that Photowall has to offer.

The different meanings of Roses

Roses have fragrant petals, and the colors have different meanings as well. The flower has inspired lots of individuals and through the years have developed what is called, “language of roses”. Roses have different meanings when it comes to color, variety, and number of roses being given. This is good to know especially if you love giving flowers to your friend, loved ones, or even foes. For instance, red rose has long been known to be an expression of love and deep emotions. IT can also be used to convey respect, admiration or devotion. 12 red roses is also the most popular of which conveys “Be mine” and “I love you”. White roses are associated with new beginnings and convey sympathy or humility. Yellow roses on the other hand, is an expression of exuberance, and sunny feelings of joy, warmth, and welcome. The color also symbolizes friendship and caring. Pink roses convey gentle emotions like admiration, joy, and gratitude. Blue roses may say “I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you.” So the next time you give somebody roses, think about the right color and number of roses first and you will saying the right message to them. With the wonderful Roses wall murals added to your interior, you will also be conveying the same message. In addition to these, the installed wall covering will also create a beautiful focal point that will be admired by your family and friends. Decorate your wall to your heart’s desire and you will be having the right interior decoration that will not only make your home or space look wonderful but will also send the right message to your loved ones.
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