Single Flowers

Single flowers have always been a symbol of beauty and color throughout history. They have come to represent new life and growth in all things. When a man has amorous intentions towarRead mored a woman, he gives her a single flower. When a knight is shown favor by a lady he has just defended, a single flower is given to him. When a person leaves or is welcomed for the first time in a new place, a single flower is presented to him. And even in times of grief and loss, single flowers serve as a symbol for the appropriate sentiment felt. Photowall honors this wonderful piece of creation in its line of single flowers wall murals. These one-of-a-kind single flowers wall murals can give life and vibrancy to any home like nothing else can. These single flowers wall murals come in a wide variety of designs and colors to suit every discriminating urban dweller’s tastes. They go well with almost any color in practically every room in your home. Allow these light and pleasing single flowers wall murals to lighten up your living room as you arrive from the office after a hard day’s work. Let your loved ones bask in the radiance and beauty that these splendid single flowers wall murals exude.

Meaningful in single flowers wall murals

Different kinds of single flowers represent different things at different times. In our current era, a red rose is an overture for romantic motives, while a white one expresses friendship. Photowall lets you partake in their beauty with “Floral Majesty”, “Soft Rose-b/w”, and “Light Pink Peony” in its outstanding collection of single flowers wall murals. These single flowers wall murals will look especially good hanging above your fireplace or in your mini-library. You can never go wrong with these single flowers wall murals when it comes to adorning the confines of your home. Make it a veritable garden by lining these single flowers wall murals in columns to make a fine artist’s piece. Tea time has never been more dainty and delightful with these single flowers wall murals around you and your guests. Even your children will appreciate having these appealing single flowers wall murals in their sleep areas or play nooks. These single flowers wall murals can give you countless hours of soothing relaxation as you gaze upon their colorful visage. Ease away the day’s stress and care by sitting in your favorite spot and letting the hours while away, as you enjoy these single flowers wall murals. There is one for every mood and fancy. Make these single flowers wall murals a part of your daily life.

Symbolic in single flowers wall murals

During feudal times, each clan was represented by a specific single flower in its coat-of-arms. The intrinsic characteristics of each flower were made to reflect the values and principles upheld by each household. In Japan, Samurai knights were not only masters of the sword, but they were experts in the art of flower arrangement called Ikebana as well. This delicate art form embodies the levels of earth, heaven, and sky. Even the greatest of English poets, William Shakespeare himself said, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Photowall gives you more to love with “Lilac”, “Innocent Orchid”, and “Tropical Fuchsia Orchids” in its awesome collection of single flowers wall murals. These impressive single flowers wall murals are guaranteed to bring passion and whimsy to any space they occupy. You can almost smell their delicate scent by simply perusing them. In the spiritual practice of Bushido, the cherry blossom is said to represent the circle of life, its beginning, its present, and its end. The falling of the cherry blossom from its branches is considered a spiritual symbol of perfection. The followers of this religion cherish this beautiful philosophy.

Divining and telling

In the practice of psychology, the flower is an integral part of a series of tests meant to quantify a patient’s state of mind. A person whose flower drawing is colorful and loaded with many accouterments is said to have a healthy disposition and is full of hope for the future. While one whose drawings of a blossom are bleak and withered is severely disturbed and carries a lot of serious issues. Photowall validates this prognosis with ”Waterlily Moon”, “Lotus in Lake”, and “Dahlias” in its admirable collection of single flowers wall murals. These brilliant single flowers wall murals which burst with color are sure to uplift and revitalize the disposition of anyone lucky enough to behold them. Some primitive cultures even hold flowers as the standard for sexual potency. It is no coincidence that the flower, which is the sex organ of a plant, is the very element used to convey passion and desire even in our present society. Flowers can also mean secrecy, as the term sub-rosa suggests. It means under the rose. In ancient times, secret societies would meet in hidden chambers with a flower hung over their heads. This signified that anything said within those walls was to stay in them forever.
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