Frost has been a major natural phenomenon on this planet since its appearance in this universe. These alabaster sheets of coldness cover nearly a third of our planet, most especially Read morein the North and South Poles. It is a well-accepted scientific fact that the glaciers in both poles of the Earth are what keep the planet from falling into the catastrophe of global warming. When the greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer melt these polar ice caps, the world is likely to go into a planetary imbalance that could lead to something as deadly as a Second Ice Age. Photowall pays tribute to this particular occurrence in nature with its own collection of frost wall murals. These frost wall murals depict the different parts of the world where frost is the main vista to be seen. The cool alabaster hue, prominent in these frost wall murals, exudes a clean and composed look that you and your loved ones are sure to find soothing anywhere in your home. Coordinate with your favorite light-colored furniture, or contrast with stark fixtures to create a truly elegant and stylish mix within your place of peace using these frost wall murals. Interior designers and professional decorators will agree that you can never go wrong with these frost wall murals on your walls. These frost wall murals provide a canvass for your imagination to paint on.

Chilly in frost wall murals

Photowall features a wide selection of frost wall murals with images ranging from sprawling Alpine mountain vistas to cool and relaxing woods to exhilarating winter landscapes. These frost wall murals are guaranteed to calm the soul and exhilarate the senses. Photowall lets you sample the coolness with “Frost in the Forest, black and white”, “Frosty Morning, black and white”, and “Colorful Leaves” in its fascinating collection of frost wall murals. From the turning of the foliage to the vistas covered with a pristine blanket of white, young and old alike will surely gravitate to these frost wall murals. These frost wall murals provide a real and tactile connection to the natural world. While adults will love these frost wall murals for their calming effect, the kids will adore them for their soothing qualities. Those with a more adventurous and outgoing spirit will naturally be drawn to these frost wall murals. These wonderful frost wall murals are sure to take care of their adrenaline fix.

Wintery in frost wall murals

Snowflakes are like fingerprints, no two are alike in existence. They are a constant reminder of singularity and uniqueness in our world. Imagine a trillion of these unique particles, continuously descending gracefully from the heavens to blanket entire landscapes, forests, and mountain ranges with a crisp, cool, uniform coating of white. Picture the frost on the treetops and on the surfaces of leaves, on your chimney tops, and glazing your front porches with a thick coating of coldness. Photowall gives you more of this frosty wonderland with “Frosty Yellowstone Morning”, “Attributes of Winter”, and “Formations” in its singular collection of frost wall murals. These frost wall murals showcase the different terrains and geographical anomalies that exist in these regions of frost. Not only are these frost wall murals spectacles of beauty, but they are also called home by a myriad of living creatures that make it their natural habitat. Animals that live in these regions have long learned to co-exist with the cold atmosphere. So have several birds, namely penguins, ptarmigans, and crossbills that are just a few examples of the wide and diverse fauna that inhabit these cool landscapes. You can have all this diversity painting the walls of your home with Photowall’s frost wall murals.

Nippy and Numbing

Ever since frost has first descended on the Earth, man has always found a way to use it for recreation. From the earliest cave-dwellers who sild down, white-coated hills on their backs to the glamorous and historical Winter Olympics held every four years, our fascination with this pristine white blanket of frost has always permeated our collective consciousness. Photowall captures the spirit of these adventurous regions with “Brown and a Yellow”, “November Leaves”, and “Frosty Leaves” with its impressive collection of frost wall murals. Let these soothing frost wall murals grace the inside of your homes. These days, there are extreme winter sports that we can view on television and on various media. Ski resorts have also become a staple of business for countries with winter in their seasonal cycle. Droves of the rich and famous flock to these winter getaways to take part in activities in the snow that range from the relaxing and tranquil like building snowmen and forming ice angels, to the truly exhilarating and adventurous such as high-speed skiing, snowboarding, and even para-sailing over the white, pristine snow peaks. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for your choice of Photowall’s amazing frost wall murals to adorn your home and share in these breathtaking experiences.
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