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Mussel Shell - Wallpaper - Hallway




A wallpaper giving off the relaxing vibe of the ocean calling out to us, reminding us to rest in the most stressful days. What’s more perfect than Shells as a wall mural? Good thing PRead morehotowall has great choices to offer for you to choose from. It is undeniable that the ocean always gives off this relaxing feeling that all of us needs. That’s one reason why beaches are always the top tourist destination in every country. What’s the best thing that makes us think of the ocean? That’s right! Shells. Who wouldn’t love to have shell murals on your living room to add more summer vibes or to just add something interesting and relaxing to look at. We may not be able to go to the beach very often, but we can surely bring the ocean vibes at home with these beautiful murals.

Color Spectrum and Diversity of Shapes

Everyone would definitely love the sight of a rainbow because it’s not always that we get to see one. Of course, rainbow is likewise attractive because of its beautiful colors. Just like rainbows, shells also have different colors to offer, but unlike rainbows, Shells aren’t limited to just 7 colors alone, or most commonly known as ROYGBIV. Shells have black, pink, peach, white, and other color combinations. Maybe you want something of stripes? Shells will not disappoint you! Colors of shells are mostly because of the work of pigments incorporated into the calcium carbonate. Some explains that shells differ in colors because some live under the deep ocean, and some live under the broad sunlight. Shells are quite mysterious aren’t they? Aside from having different colors, shells also come in different shapes. There are circles, spirals, heart-shaped, crescent, fan-shaped, pointed, and others. The shape and size of shells vary considerably depending on their environment. Just like shells, it is important to set the vibe of our room’s environment to match the season, or just make it look more astounding than usual. Shell murals are a perfect fit for your living rooms. They not only make your living rooms enjoyable to stay in, but they also add a peaceful vibe that oceans also give. It’s a comfort for the eyes to see different shapes and colors of shells in one picture, because it plays with our eyes while keeping us relaxed. Why choose only one when you can see a lot of varieties in one mural?

A Versatile Decor

Without making your space look small, it also rejuvenates the mind. Seashells may be small, but even in murals, they play a big role when used. Aside from making our living room fun to stay at, it’s not only fit for a single season only. Shell murals are versatile in terms of room placements. You can put it perfectly on the walls of your living room, but you can also put incorporate them in the bathroom or shower room as well. The ambience the wall murals provide adds a vibe for us to enjoy our bathroom time even more. Showering or just doing some bathroom rituals with shells of different colors on your wall will make you want to be in the bathroom a little bit longer.
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