Cracked Earth

There is just something about natural patterns that really catches the eyes and proves to us that Mother Nature really has a sense for design. The same can be said for Photowall's catRead moreegory of Cracked Earth wall murals. Under the banner of Extreme Terrain, these images are representations of the texture that this planet we call our home provides. The parched effects caused by extreme global weather is layered with naturally-occurring geometric patterns, making Cracked Earth wall murals one of the most unique and beautiful views to behold as wall decoration. No matter if your space is residential, recreational or even corporate, these motifs can change the entire look and ambiance in an instant. Use Cracked Earth wall murals to invite conversation with family, friends and colleagues. The unique designs, locations and colours will generate interest and enable you to have a varied arsenal of visual tools to make your interiors more beautiful, bigger and welcoming. You can always have adjustments made to your chosen pieces in order for them to match, or contrast, with your existing interior design, colour schemes, furniture, and so on.

The main act in Cracked Earth wall murals

In this category there are sights such as "Deadvlei, Namibia", an absolutely beautiful and ethereal landscape that one might even think it is not from this earth. It is a strong remnant of the fact that all the physical movements in nature we see on Earth's surface are extremely feeble compared to what is happening deep underground. The name "Deadvlei" means "dead marsh", from the English "dead" and the Afrikaans "vlei". What once was a marsh is now a dried white clay pan, surrounded by some of the highest sand dunes in the world that have literally rusted over thousands of years, giving them this iconic fiery complexion. Put these Cracked Earth wall murals featuring Deadvlei up in any space and look how it instantly transforms into a special location. The Cracked Earth wall mural titled "Dead Vlei" gives us an even closer look at this truly extraordinary location, while "Fog in Deadvlei" is hauntingly beautiful and could grace any type of interior. People will be astounded by this Cracked Earth wall mural's otherworldly beauty and mystique.

All dry

When you think of the Earth being cracked, one of the first things to spring to mind are deserts. They are some of the most foreboding and mysterious regions found on our planet. The trademark of a lack of water makes deserts generally inhospitable to most creatures, but people have been living in and exploring deserts from the beginning of time. Bring this timelessness and beauty into your residential, commercial or recreational space by acquiring Cracked Earth wall murals by Photowall that feature deserts. "Salt Desert", for example, can be quite representative of what people picture when hearing of a cracked Earth. This stunning image has great texture, generating optic dynamism and the blue sky can make for an excellent focal point in any scenario. "In the Turkish Desert" is another incredible example of a Cracked Earth wall mural that focuses on the desert terrain.

More Cracked Earth wall murals

Iceland’s landscape can be found nowhere else because it is a mixture of hot springs, icy glaciers, wet deserts, lava fields and a dizzying amount of waterfalls. You will find a natural scene in Cracked Earth wall murals that satisfies your visual and aesthetic needs, but also shows this land from a different angle. Cracked Earth wall murals such as "Námafjall Country" is very concrete example because not many would associate Iceland with such an environment. The people of this nation have a strong bond with nature and they value their natural resources very highly. With Iceland being a very clean and environmentally friendly country, which is admirable in itself especially in these modern times, you now have a piece of it in your domain. This amazing terrain, with rich details and vibrant, natural colours is what makes this Cracked Earth wall mural stand out.
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