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If you want the city that is pretty much located in the heart of the United States of America as your focal point, you have come to the right place. Maps of Chicago wall murals are thRead moree perfect tool to improve the overall look of your interiors, no matter if this is a residential, recreational or even a corporate one. You will learn many new things while we explore Maps of Chicago wall murals, and not just about the city itself but also some tips on decorating. Did you known that Chicago is the United States of America's third most populated city? This visually-stunning destination is a perfect match for Photowall's penchant for making interesting maps, which is also what this category was borne out of. Chicago is very well-known for its architecture, but also its food and mobster history. The so-called "Windy City" is also popular for its museums and cultural gems, making it an epicenter for tourism. Your family and friends will definitely feel like tourists as well when they lay eyes upon your Maps of Chicago wall murals. As per usual, your selected items can be modified to meet your colour schemes, existing interior design, aesthetic, and so on.

Maps of Chicago wall murals and history

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable arrived in the 1780s and was one of the first people to establish a farm in what now is Chicago. He built this around the Chicago River towards the mouth of Lake Michigan which was already playing an important role in the region, as still visible in Maps of Chicago wall murals. You might have heard of the Great Chicago Fire which happened in 1871 and ended up destroying over half of the city. Thanks to the strength and perseverance of its citizens, the Windy City rebuilt even stronger. These are traits that you can bring into your selected space by using Maps of Chicago wall murals. Since the 1920s, Chicago has been a major civil rights, financial, industrial, logistical and research contributor to the United States of America, mainly due to the industrial revolution that preceded it. What you see now in Maps of Chicago wall murals is a direct descendant of that.

A major component

Did you know that Chicago is actually credited for inventing what is now common in big cities, the skyscraper? The city has an abundance of remarkable and iconic structures which you will be able to have in some way in your own home, office or recreational space in the shape of Maps of Chicago wall murals. As some of you might know or have heard of, Chicago goes hand in hand with the Sears Tower. However, if you want to be factually correct, you have to now call it the Willis Tower. Completed in 1973, the 440 meter tower is the undisputed king of the Windy City skyline. Try to find it in Maps of Chicago wall murals for a fun activity. This structure held the title of the world’s tallest building for decades and maintained its claim to the highest roof in the Western Hemisphere for a very long time! "Chicago Street Map B/W" can be the beautiful black and white view that your interiors needs. Add a little bit of drama and character to your wall decoration with Maps of Chicago wall murals.

Quirky Maps of Chicago wall murals

Unique art has a way of making your interior stand out and generating interesting conversations. Combining geography and art is thus one of the best ways to establish visual weight, with Maps of Chicago wall murals as concrete examples. An abstract work of art, for example, intends to reflect the essential features of what is being seen by the viewer and even the artist. So at its most basic, abstraction can be about reducing complexity by ignoring excess details. Our Maps of Chicago wall murals assortment contains such optimal decorative options. One of the prime examples of quintessential Maps of Chicago wall murals featuring this artform is "Multicolor Map - Chicago". The wonderful and rare colour combinations really elevate your wall decoration to the next level.
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