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    Five vibrant feature wall murals to liven up your living room

    Choosing a shade of colour, a pattern or texture that perfectly reflects the mood of your space, while accentuating its key features, is often an interior balancing act. Design considerations like what key trends to channel and which hues to implement are all an important part of getting it right.

    Let’s take a look at which walls murals will liven up your living room space, helping you to achieve the interior space of your dreams.

    Influenced by the 70s

    Reliving the 70s swing is so ‘now’ and the bold tones and non-apologetic prints are perfect to add extra vibrancy to your living room. Savvy décor devotees are channelling reclaimed accessories alongside contrasting textures and materials such as brass, leather and velvet – all prevalent in the vibrant 70s era. Mustard yellow hues paired with teak furniture is an interior match made in heaven. Add a touch of 70s chic into your living room space with Photowall’s stunning Twist wall mural.

    In with the bold

    Big beautiful patterns and accent colour pops are a fabulous addition to your living room. Choose prints with daring colour swatches for maximum impact – the brighter the better. Use bold prints on a feature wall to give your living room the ultimate statement. Pair Photowall’s Bright Florals wall mural with stripped-back grey and white hues and vintage-style accessories.


    Interiors that beautifully echo the natural world are a big thing this season. Elements such as wood and stone are being paired with paint colours that reflect nature to create an indoor/outdoor haven – fresh shades of green are a stunning accompaniment to a moody grey wall. Try Photowall’s Botaniques de Talie paired with olive green soft furnishings and stone accessories.

    Colour clashing

    Oversized patterns, dusky palettes and contrasting colours have made a resurgence in the interiors world. Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ is the beautiful red hue, Masala – its earthy undertones mean it pairs and clashes with almost any colour. Use this a base shade for accents and then build on this with orchid and grey hues. The Finch wall mural contrasts beautifully with a red-based paint and grey accessories.

    Tactical textures

    Layering textures, patterns and styles has been a strong trend in 2015. Stark lines and soft curves are a great way to add texture into your home. Use a wallpaper with sharp lines as your living room feature wall and accessories using soft throws and faux fur cushions. The Zickzack wall mural looks spectacular in mint with bronze accents.

    Which of these trends will you be adding to your living room?

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