Skulls are a common staple of horror films. They usually set the mood for the frightening story to unfold. They are a visual foreshadowing of the horrific events that will take place Read morein the tale. From the early days of cinema, with the first black and white and silent films, to the computer-generated, effects-driven blockbusters of today, very little has changed in the telling of horror flicks, and these skulls are a constant element in the formula. Photowall pays tribute to this unique cinematic component with its own collection of skulls wall murals. These one-of-a-kind images of creepiness and foreboding in skulls wall murals may not be as uplifting as flowers and bunnies and sunshine, but they do fit into the tastes of a certain type of individual. These skulls wall murals would look good in the living areas or private study of one of your family members who appreciate this sort of art. Even your kids, those who have a liking for the more unconventional side of decoration, could totally go for these skulls wall murals. It all comes down to the person’s preferences. Not everything in life is sunshine and daisies and butterscotch pudding. Beauty can exist in all things, as witnessed by these amazing skulls wall murals.

Dark in skulls wall murals

When creating a cinematic screenplay, the first component that is laid down is the exposition. This is just a fancy way of saying that you first show the basic elements of the story such as the location, the time, the initial situation, and the main characters. Having a skull or a full skeleton in a horror film is always a good way to start a tale of gore and ghostliness. Photowall lets you enjoy this primary cinematic element with “Memento Mori”, “Beautiful Death”, and “Dandy Bones” in its diverse collection of skulls wall murals. The first image mentioned in these examples of skulls wall murals showcases a skull with roses around it, and a raven on top of it, the perfect icon of a world of mysteries and wonders that belong to the supernatural realm. The second mention in our fine collection of skulls wall murals features a skull with flowers trailing all around it, a mixture of the macabre and the more traditional. The third in our amazing examples of skulls wall murals is an entire skeleton of what used to be a gentleman with a mustache, standing at a formal stance for all to see, an appropriate beginning for a tale of ghoulish and bizarre shenanigans.

Creepy in skulls wall murals

Make-believe skulls have been a staple of film and television for decades now. Most of them have been stripped of their menace and been transformed into creatures worthy of irreverence and tomfoolery. In Mexican culture, the skull is the icon of Santa Muerte, the patron of the Day of Souls in their annual festival of Diaz de Los Muertes. Photowall lets you in on the fun with “Dark Goddess”, “Bohemian Skull”, and “Revolver and Skull” in its unique collection of skulls wall murals. These skulls wall murals feature some of the more popular fantasy skulls in modern culture. Hang these skulls wall murals in your recreation den and feel the hilarity and foolishness factor elevate exponentially. Playing video games, watching movies, and listening to music has never been more satisfying than with these skulls wall murals on the walls. You can even choose to display these skulls wall murals in your lounging den and have the silliness of these images chase away all your worries and cares for the day. Sit in a kid’s rocking chair and allow yourself to chuckle at these skulls wall murals. These amazing and comical skulls wall murals are guaranteed to be a hit in your home.

Chilling and alarming

But skulls don’t only exist in fairy tales or myths. In the real world, skulls come in all different forms, some of which come in the shape of a dark memory or a trauma from a forgotten past. The presence of fearsome characteristics makes these skulls even more dangerous than the fictional kind. Sometimes, the solitary man skulking at the edges of a schoolyard can be a skull. Sometimes, even a leader can be a creature to be feared. Even a loved one or relative can have some truly ghoulish traits if one is really unlucky. Photowall gives you a taste of frightening reality with these skulls wall murals. Hang a few of these skulls wall murals in your hallways or dining room to remind you that the world may not be as safe a place as we believe it to be. Placing these skulls wall murals atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters can be like having a gargoyle that can ward off evil spirits. Go to sleep knowing that you have the meanest skull of all above you with these skulls wall murals in your room. Your slumber will be filled with images of ghouls and oddities with these skulls wall murals.
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