Interior design can also be considered an extension of self-expression because it is an integral part of decorating your chosen space with something that reflects your personality. UnRead moreder the umbrella of performing arts by Photowall, there is a category dedicated to one of the most original avenues to express yourself in the form of theatre wall murals. With theatre wall murals, you have the necessary and stylish tool to upgrade your aesthetic through the use of a beautiful subject. Theatre is an art where artists use their voices and bodies to convey a message or artistic emotion by means of telling true or fictional stories. Likewise, theatre wall murals are also a way to express an opinion, feeling or even a taste, through means of beautiful imagery. Theatre wall murals can be the sublime focal point of your home, office or recreational room.

History in theatre wall murals

Did you know that the very first theatre plays were performed with just one actor and a chorus of people who helped him tell the story? This actor was referred to as the protagonist, of which you will see many in theatre wall murals. Throughout the 5th century BC playwrights continued to innovate and added other speaking roles, the most significant being the antagonist to create conflict and tension. As you peruse theatre wall murals, try to find out which of them fall under the category of being the antagonist. The famous Euripides later added both a prologue, which acts as introduction to the subject of the play, and the so-called "deus ex machina", which was a divine figure who wrapped up any loose ends at the close. It will be fun to share this with your family, friends and colleagues when they ask you about your theatre wall murals.

Impact and effect

We can all agree that theatre is part of many people's lives since it lets creativity flourish and it allows ways of self-expression to be developed. Theatre is the type of art that is not just about the acting and all the aspects it brings with it, but also sheds light on issues that are not often part of everyday conversation. The same can be said for theatre wall murals, as they might highlight some things missing in your life, especially when it comes to visual weight in your interiors. While the live facet of a theatre performance brings an element of honesty and authenticity to what sometimes is lacking in the more technical world of the silver screen, you cannot deny the influence of movies and their performers on society. Theatre wall murals by Photowall thus can create a certain kind of atmosphere in your chosen space, no matter which medium is your preference. Images such as "Boris Karloff in the Bride of Frankenstein", for instance, can easily be the main highlight of your interior design. This legendary actor portraying such an iconic and distinct character will easily make your wall decoration the talk of the town. Use this theatre wall mural to give your room an ideal degree of texture.

Additional theatre wall murals

In theatre wall murals, the spotlight is almost literally on its performers. This exclusively selected and curated lineup consists of icons of theatre, but also of the silver screen. While these two types of entertainment go hand in hand, mostly, it is important to keep in mind that they are different mediums with the same goal of true self-expression and telling stories. These theatre wall murals in particular can make for an excellent centerpiece in your home, workplace or any other area you choose to embellish. "Lana Turner" is a wonderfully warm and soft theatre wall mural that evokes so much emotion and a little hint of drama through its black and white colour scheme. One of the most beautiful ladies to have ever graced our screens is the central protagonist of this wall decoration. For a more edgy approach, check out the theatre wall murals "Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force" or "Big Gundown - Lee Van Cleef".
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