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There is a genre of film that really is inspiring because it based primarily on real human achievements. Sport films wall murals are a testament to sports being the arena where humansRead more peak. This is not just true in terms of physicality but also important traits such as inner strength, passion and honor. Sport films wall murals can be the interior design that reflects these accomplishments and developments. These high-quality, richly detailed and uniquely designed sport films wall murals feature some of the most famous stars in the world. These representations of our favorite physical entertainment captured on film are sure to be easy on the eyes and will lift your mood each time you encounter them. Sport films wall murals can also act as motivation to get out and be healthy or function as a nostalgic piece to remember your most memorable moments from the sports you have watched or participated in. Our motifs in sport films wall murals can of course also be adjusted to match your other interior design elements and colour schemes.

A little bit of history

You might be surprised to know that sport films have quite a history in America and are ingrained in their culture. Even during the early days of silent films, sports were used as a visual means for connect with audiences through stories and actions. A great example is Charlie Chaplin’s "The Champion", which is a silent film about the character simply referred to as "challenger" and his journey as he prepares to fight the world champion. The items in sport films wall murals are like the grandchildren of this particular flick. The first sports movie to win an Oscar was "The Champ" in 1932, and many more have followed. This is also the case for some of the movies featured in sport films wall murals, as you will see. Mind you, not all sports can be easily translated to the big screen. Even football, the most popular and played sport in the world, only has a couple of really decent films. The beauty of football just cannot be properly captured by acting because it is so visceral and real. The sports showcased in sport films wall murals are more easily rendered in terms of logistics and individualistic plots.

Sport films wall murals of boxing

One of these sports is definitely boxing, which has produced so many great movies. Boxing is more easily coordinated on screen because it only has to focus on 2 individuals during a competition. The aforementioned silent film by Charlie Chaplin also has a lot in common with some of our sport films wall murals. "Rocky III - Sylvester Stallone" is a great example because the subject matter is quite similar, even though this particular piece is about the third movie in this franchise. Sylvester Stallone plays the character Rocky Balboa who also has a similar trajectory to the previously mentioned "challenger". Sports icons that were a product of fiction like Rocky, but still ultimately inspired by real life figures can really change the texture of a room when used through sport films wall murals. Another great example of this is in "Raging Bull Boxing - Robert De Niro". It is not just one of the best sports movies of all time, but one of the best films, period. This sport films wall mural can look as good at home as it can in the workplace.

Iconic figure

Another very vital component of sport films wall murals is the legendary Bruce Lee. He essentially paved the way for Martial Arts to enter the mainstream and the conscience of the general public. People nowadays know him for his work as an actor and director, but Bruce Lee should be remembered as the man who brought this sport to the world. The founder of Jeet Kune Do is prominently featured in sport films wall murals like "Warriors Journey - Bruce Lee". Did you know that during the filming of "Enter the Dragon" even the best cameras in the world at that time could not keep up with him? His speedy kicks were so quick that they made the shot look fake so directors had to re-shoot the scene in slow motion! This is something you can share with your visitors when they will undoubtedly admire your sport films wall murals featuring this unforgettable icon.
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