The quintessential American city of immigrants can now be the focal point of your interior design. Did you know that one out of every seven Americans can trace their family roots throRead moreugh the streets of Brooklyn? This well-known statistic makes Brooklyn wall murals such a distinct wall decoration to have. This historic international flair makes for a great theme in your interiors through Photowall's superb assortment of Brooklyn wall murals. This borough of New York is home to the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island and the Dodgers, which are just a few of the magical names associated with Brooklyn's history, each conjuring up a thousand unforgettable images depicting the American experience. A dynamic hub of all sorts of activities and widely considered to be one of the "it" places in the world, the largest of the Big Apple's borough is home to more than 2 million people! Its streets ring with so many different languages and dialects, making it a truly universal melting pot of cultures and people. Brooklyn wall murals can bring both to you, that aforementioned global aura as well as the typical New York character.

History in Brooklyn wall murals

Obviously, Brooklyn’s growth was always intertwined with New York City’s growth. What was once a small town, Brooklyn’s population suddenly doubled to nearly 80,000 between 1840 and 1845 due to the the first major wave of European immigrants. As a matter of fact, in 1855, nearly half of Brooklyn’s 205,000 residents were foreign-born. Half were Irish and the rest were divided evenly between families from Britain and Germany. Merely 5 years later, Brooklyn had become the third largest city in the United States! You can still see the influence of these settlers in some Brooklyn wall murals, in terms of architecture and aesthetic. Ferries used to transport more than 32 million passengers per year from Brooklyn Heights to lower Manhattan, but eventually the demands for transportation could not be sustained and in 1865 The New York Bridge Company was founded to construct the Brooklyn Bridge. This project was completed in 1883 and obviously still stands today, as seen in many of our Brooklyn wall murals.

Main feature

Celebrated in many songs and movies, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City’s most iconic man-made wonders. Proudly looming over the East River, this historic bridge offers a scenic journey between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. There are some absolutely amazing Brooklyn wall murals featuring this structure. "Brooklyn Bridge at Night" is one of such, a fine and vibrant motif that can enliven any place you put it in. The Brooklyn neighborhood known by the acronym which stands for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass" is also one of New York City’s most famous landmarks. Located on the the cusp of Brooklyn and Manhattan, Dumbo is a recognizably energetic area that can be seen in Brooklyn wall murals such as "Brooklyn Bridge View". This beautiful image can be described as being quintessentially New York, just like practically all of these Brooklyn wall murals.

Brooklyn wall murals and their spots

A healthy mix of old and new, Brooklyn’s architecture is evocative of the borough’s history and where this area is headed. A handful of structures are instantly recognizable around the United States of America and the world, due to their presence on postcards of the past and in film or TV scenes we all have witnessed. We have all had that moment when we are watching a movie and suddenly we see something we have seen before. Whether or not you live or have lived in Brooklyn, chances are you will recognize places in some flicks instantly. Peruse Photowall's array of Brooklyn wall murals and feel the nostalgia and memories coming back to you. As previously mentioned, the most famous and instantly recognizable of sights in this borough is the Brooklyn Bridge. Pretty much every single movie set in the city of New York features a shot of this most famous of bridges. In Brooklyn wall murals though, you will also find less distinct sights such as "Coney Island Pier" or the poignant "Unforgettable 9-11". These particular items are a bit of a contrast to the Brooklyn wall murals featuring the Brooklyn Bridge because they are more somber and create a peaceful vibe.
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