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What is vital in setting the mood and creating a certain type of ambiance within your space is a fun focal point. As such, why not have what was named the happiest place in the UnitedRead more Kingdom as your central theme? Belfast wall murals by Photowall can make the difference between a plain and dull room, and an area that is enjoyable and generates pleasure. The Northern Irish even have their own word or expression for it, the term "craic", pronounced crack. In Belfast in particular, everyone knows what it means, but no one really knows. In its most basic and simplest form, "the craic" typifies the fun and welcoming atmosphere of Northern Ireland, which you will also see plenty of in Photowall's excellent lineup of Belfast wall murals. You can also always find ways to alter these motifs to suit the already existing decorative elements present in your home, office or recreational space.

Famous landmarks in Belfast wall murals

There are quite a few significant structures that define Belfast. One of which is St. Anne's Cathedral, the main church of the Anglican Church of Ireland. Designed by the architect Sir Thomas Drew and begun in 1898, it was built in neo-Romanesque style of the Basilican type. This baptismal chapel features an exquisite mosaic ceiling, carved stonework, many fine stained-glass windows, marble tiles on the floor and walls, and delicate woodwork. You can view its recognizable rooftops in Belfast wall murals such as "Belfast Skyline Black", which can give the room a more dramatic and edgy feel. The black and white tones bring out emotion and also create more space in your residential or corporate room. Another impressive building in Belfast wall murals is the Albert Memorial Clock, which is sometimes described as the city's answer to Pisa’s leaning tower. This structure's tilt is caused by the fact it is constructed on reclaimed land from the River Farset and weighs over 2,000 metric tons! You can explore its location in Belfast wall murals like "Belfast Northern Ireland City Map", a beautifully artistic but also educational motif that is guaranteed to light any area up.

Your heart will go on

You could not write about Belfast and its claim to fame without mentioning the doomed ocean liner Titanic. The city holds a deep affinity with its harbor, which not only sustained Belfast's shipbuilding industry through the nineteenth and twentieth century, but also gave birth to vessels such as the famed ocean liner Titanic. It is said that on the day of launch, the whole city partied and celebrated. When news of the ships sinking reached home, the city mourned the tragedy more than most. This affinity is also due to the fact that the city is located where the River Lagan meets the Irish Sea, as you can see in Belfast wall murals like "Belfast Northern Ireland City Map". These Belfast wall murals come in different hues and shades, with each having a gorgeous visual impact and creating optimal decorative weight.

Belfast wall murals and the history in them

It is general knowledge that Belfast has had troubled times in the past. If you walk down the streets of the city, drink in the pubs or eat in the restaurants, you are bound to hear locals, who in their own humorous style, hark back to the dark days which now thankfully consigned to the past. Belfast wall murals have that power as well, showcasing the perseverance and sturdiness of the Belfastians. The Northern Irish capital is a relatively young city, with only a few reminders of its pre-19th-century history. With its textile mills and shipyards, Belfast was the one city in Ireland that felt and took advantage of the full force of the Industrial Revolution. A town of around 20,000 people in 1800 grew steadily into a city of 400,000 by the start of WWI! The shipyards in particular, can still be seen in our Belfast wall murals array. "Belfast Skyline Rainbow" is a wonderful example of this, combining the rich history of Belfast with a current and modern design in the colours of a rainbow, signifying change and hope.
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