Decorating with pattern has been used for a long time now. This happened even before upholstery and wallpaper. It was actually the first decorative impulse to decorate the walls and oRead morebjects with abstract forms and depictions of the outside world. There is some magic when it comes to decorating with patterns. It can transport you in time or places and likewise set the mood in the room.

The beauty of geometric patterns

Geometric patterns come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. The patterns can be actually seen everywhere, from fashion runways to interior design. These geometric patterns have been a decorating fad for decades. They are considered to be versatile, as they can evoke a sense of refined traditional or contemporary, and anything in between. These patterns can be eye - catching and can create a big impact to the total appearance of the room. Using the print may not be that complicated with some creativity, imagination, and some rules to follow. Geometric patterns can likewise be mixed and matched with throw pillows on the sofa, fabric - covered ottoman, or bold patterned vases or candlesticks on display. Another good thing about the pattern is that they can likewise be matched with a harlequin welcome mat or chic garden planters. These can make your interior look fun and exciting. Lighting also is another opportunity to add the geometric patterns to highlight the design but not too overwhelming. A chandelier shaped like a star, trapezoid, or a honeycomb can make the room look even great. These will also add character to your interior. Adding Geometric wall murals on your walls can be one of the most eye catching design that you can do to your room. With the wall mural design on the walls of your hallway, powder room or living room, you will be adding a bit of drama that many people will surely adore. With dots and circles, the wall will become a beautiful focal point especially when they are in brilliant colors or interesting textures. Geometric patterns may also be considered to have a lot of visual weight which make them blend well with the color pattern of your room. Wall murals in soft tone or neutral shades can give a subtle effect and vibrant or contrasting colors for a more impact. Geometric wall murals are some of the amazing designs presented to you by Photowall. Adding the wall mural design of your choice gives you a lot of options in your room. These designs are practically versatile and the options for room appearance is limitless. With the use of creativity and imagination, you will be able to successfully achieve the room appearance that you have been longing for. These can likewise create a wonderful room focal point that will surely be loved by anyone who sees it.

Patterns and interior design

Patterns refers to the repetition of a graphic motif on a material. In this case, the wall murals. Patterns are often used in interior design and applied with the use of wall coverings, tile, carpeting, and other graphic elements. Patterns are also known to define surfaces, impact scale, and convey a design style as well as add a visual interest to the room or space.
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