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Lions, tigers, bears, and much more await you in our animal collection of wall murals. Whether you’re looking for wallpaper that will make you feel as though you are a part of nature,Read more or your tastes run to more light and whimsical images, light line drawings or fantasy images, the selection of wall murals in our animal collection will have something that is sure to appeal to you.

Welcome nature into your room with a wall mural

Have you ever wished you could swim with dolphins or see sharks in their natural habitat? Are you fascinated by Africa’s savanna zebras, giraffes, elephants and lions? Then browse through our range of stunning wallpapers that make up the animal collection. These images have been captured by some of the best photographers in the world and you can’t help but be impressed by their work. They are so real you can almost reach out and touch them. These inspirational images bring a part of Mother Nature into your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. They would also be a bold choice for your office. Are you especially drawn to North American animals? One of our photographers has captured a stunning image of a bull moose standing in a stream. If you long to experience your own call of the wild, you’ll no doubt want to see the grey wolf wallpaper we have available. Not everyone’s idea of ‘something wild’ includes truly wild animals. Even domestic ones have a wild streak in them, as our wallpapers featuring photos of cats and kittens will demonstrate to you. While you probably can’t have these types of wild animals right outside your door, nor would that necessarily be a good idea, you can bring the best of nature into your home with our distinctive wallpapers. To personalise your design and see how it would look in reverse, simply click on your selection and then select “Mirror Image.”

Illustrations and paintings on wallpaper set the mood for your space

The traditional way of decorating to set a mood is to choose either paint or a wallpaper pattern for a particular space and then add in artwork such as drawings or paintings. But when you decide to choose a wall mural for a space, you skip over having to make a lot of decisions about coordinating several elements to create a specific mood. With our animal collection, you simply decide what type of animal you (or your child) like. If you prefer the look of a drawing or a painting - as opposed to a true-life photograph - for your wall, our collection has plenty to choose from as well. Wall murals featuring images of birds can be anything from soothing to flashy or funky, depending on the pattern you choose. Our collection runs the gamut from simple line drawings to geometric designs to bright watercolours and more. We even have a special section devoted entirely to owls. We haven’t neglected flightless birds when selecting designs for our wall mural collection, and our delightful penguin drawings are bright and cheerful. Our wallpapers also include beautiful butterfly patterns, too. You can choose from stunning images set in a fantasy forest, multi-coloured or sepia-tinged winged wonders making up a world map. For people who are fans of animals that live under the sea, we can provide quality wall murals with either black and white ink or coloured drawings, as well as vibrant paintings of jellyfish, clown fish, dolphins and various other types of undersea inhabitants. We even have a drawing of a large crocodile for nature lovers who want a unique look for a teen’s bedroom or an office. If you want to choose wallpapers with a more family friendly look, consider one of our selections featuring paintings of dinosaurs. With images appropriate for young children right up to adult sauropod lovers, we have just the thing for a child, tween or teen’s bedroom. Our selections would also be appropriate for a family room or office. Hoofed animals make an interesting choice for wall murals. Gentlemen don’t have to be hunters to appreciate the magnificent image of a stag gracing a wall mural. Fanciful images of deer in light colours are appropriate for a young child’s room. We’d be remiss if we discussed this type of animal without mentioning the horse: our collection includes various interpretations of horses in red, brown, light and dark grey drawings. You’ll also want to see how our artists have interpreted their views of these strong, beautiful animals in different poses and colours in wallpaper. The Animal Collection of wallpaper features photographs, drawings and paintings in all categories. You’re not limited to either one in making your selection. Our animal designs for each wall mural can be customised to your specifications, too.
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