Stealthily hunting in the forest, the truly magnificent tiger camouflages itself with its distinctive coat of black, brown or grey stripes. Their startling amber eyes hypnotise and faRead morescinate with just a glance at these true-to-life wall murals. And what is cuter than a tiger cub, especially depicted on colourful wallpaper? With many tiger sub-species facing extinction, keep the dream alive with this fascinating range of wallpapers. These imposing Asian animals, with their unique stripes, are both peaceful and majestic. Choose between an abstract or realistic wall mural. Both will enhance your decor with colour and light.

Roar yourself out with Tigers wall murals

Animals are loved by a lot of individuals, and in decorating your room, you can actually have that amazing theme that everybody will love. If you are going to check on various interior design references, you will be amazed that there are a lot of inspirations and ideas that will help you in upgrading your home interior. Wall murals are really taking the design industry like storm and the results are simply amazing. If you are looking for wonderful wall mural designs, Photowall has a wide range of collection that can certainly make a difference to the total appearance of your home interior. Tigers wall murals are some of the amazing designs that can definitely add life to your rooms. Take the living room for instance. The room is probably one of the busiest one on a house as it is a place where you and your family and friends gather to spend some quality time. It is also a place where you can rest and relax after being through some stressful situations at work. Therefore, giving it the proper design can make it more inviting and comfortable. Bring a touch of nature and wildlife to your living room and add life into it. Tigers wall murals feature images of one of the majestic animals that our planet has. Think of it as adding another part of the family. The images are amazing and can make any dull and boring wall look vibrant and lively. We also are aware that kids are very much interested with various kinds of animals. In school, the teachers probably discuss the topic thoroughly with them. Stimulating their minds in learning about them. Adding a Tigers wall mural in their bedroom, not only will make their room look interesting and amazing, but can also be a tool for their learning,. Help them know more about tigers and teach them how to help in conserving them with the aid of the wall mural designs. Make them aware of the situation of the wild these days and help them think for solutions. Tiger wall murals can likewise help your little ones in developing their creativity and imagination as they may be able to create stories out of the wall mural designs.

The amazing world of Tigers

Tigers are the largest of the cat species and they are characterized by their dark vertical stripes pattern on reddish - orange fur with a lighter underside. Tigers are considered to be an apex predator, just like the lions, leopards, and jaguars. They primarily prey on deers and bovids. They are territorial, solitary but known to be social predators. Tigers are prominently featured in ancient mythology and folklore and continues to be featured in modern films and literature, appearing in flags, coat of arms, and mascots as well. This majestic animal is the national animal of India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and South Korea. With this brief information about tigers, no doubt that Tigers wall murals can create an extraordinary focal point in your home that will impress a lot of people. Choose your favorite wall mural from Photowall’s collection and you are guaranteed that you will never regret having them part of your home.
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