For a strong and fierce look, you cannot go wrong with Photowall's high-quality collection of cheetahs wall murals. The so-called "greyhounds of the desert" will become the main highlRead moreight of your domain. These felines are most commonly referred to as the fastest mammal in Mother Nature, equally quick and lethal. This subject of cheetahs wall murals embodies self–esteem, speed and laser-like focus. Unlike other typical big cats, they do not jump on their prey, they run after it. Get yourself some cheetahs wall murals and allow your walls to look more dynamic and lively with these superb scenes. Whether you are sprucing up a residential, recreational or even corporate interior, you are doing a highly stylistic and remarkable choice with cheetahs wall murals. Furthermore, this category has many works of art that are suitable for kids. The majority of cheetahs wall murals are child-friendly and affable, as you will see while exploring the selection.

Cheetahs wall murals with impact

First of all, aside from being incredible to look at, cheetahs wall murals can also have a deeper context and meaningful purpose in your interiors. The cheetah is the most vulnerable of the world’s big cats. Their pop culture presence might create the impression that they are as secure in nature as they are in the our imagination, but that is sadly far from the truth. A few centuries ago cheetahs roamed from the Indian subcontinent to the shores of the Red Sea and throughout much of Africa. All in all, fewer than 10,000 cheetahs survive in the wild today! Cheetahs wall murals can be the gateway for your family, friends and visitors to spread the word about protecting these beautiful creatures. "Mother and Cub Cheetah" and "Motherhood" alone are cheetahs wall mural that will simply melt your heart instantly and inspire you to become proactive in the conservation of this gorgeous animal.

Keep up

Did you know that the cheetah can reach speeds of 97 to almost 113 kilometers an hour over short distances? After a chase, however, a cheetah needs half an hour to catch its breath before it can eat. You can see in cheetahs wall murals like "Restful Hunter" how they contemplate before making the next move on their hunt. These animals can go from nought to 90 kilometers and hour in three seconds flat. Their claws work rather like studs on football boots for extra grip when sprinting, while their long, muscular tail acts as a rudder, helping them make sharp turns, while chasing prey such as antelope or hares. "Cheetah Hunting Springbok" is a perfect example of this, as one of these big cats catches a very agile antelope despite the size difference. The beautiful backdrop of this cheetahs wall mural makes this seem almost romantic. Motifs such as these can also help your space look bigger and deeper.

Roots of cheetahs wall murals

The name cheetah comes from a Hindi word, "chita", meaning "spotted one". The spot patterns are unique to each cat and help to provide camouflage when hunting. Cheetahs wall murals like "Making the Moment" display this subtly and in an spectacular fashion. The details of this real life photograph are so intricate, but if you were looking at it from a distance, you might not be able to distinguish the feline from its surroundings. Cheetahs were kept as hunting companions by pharaohs and depicted in statues and paintings in tombs. Ancient Egyptians believed a cat goddess named Mafdet, often pictured with a cheetah's head, would speed the pharaoh's soul to the afterworld. This intense symbolism is perfect for someone who likes culture and the arts. Cheetahs wall murals can be a reflection of your personality and character which values these things. "Five Boys" is the ideal dramatic motif you can display proudly in your foyer or the living room, for instance. The black and white hues of this specific cheetahs wall mural give it an even more regal air.
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