When you think about Australia, there is a distinct possibility that the first thing to enter your mind is the Kangaroo. Known not only for its stunning scenery and vast outback, thisRead more country is also popular as the home of Koalas and Kangaroos. This is why we at Photowall have put together Kangaroos wall murals to show off these natural wonders that are able to leave you breathless and amazed. With bright and photo-realistic Kangaroos wall murals, you can display your affinity for the country, but especially for the creatures living inside it. There are also works of art that can deliver a different vibe to your interior decoration. As always, your selected Kangaroos wall murals can be adjusted to your liking, overall aesthetic and colour schemes.

Famous examples

Did you know that these interesting animals are found in various forms throughout popular culture? One of the most loved characters out there is simply called "Kanga" with her young joey being known as "Roo". They are characters in the famous Winnie the Pooh franchise and even though they do not seem to have much of a story line, they are still part of that wholesome entourage. This is what makes Kangaroos wall murals ideal for children and the spaces they occupy. On a more serious note, you will find that the Kangaroo is on the Coat of Arms for Australia. The meaning behind this is to symbolize how the animal is always moving forward. Kangaroos wall murals are not just an extension of these aspects, but can also be your way of showing you are in tune with such topics. Whether it is for adults or children, Kangaroos wall murals will definitely give your wall decor more meaning and depth. You can choose from the fantastic detail of the more mature "Group of Kangaroo", as well as the artsy and affable vibe "Outback Sketch II" displays.

Kangaroos wall murals and their facts

Australia's most famous critter belongs to the animal family Macropodidae, which literally means "big foot". Thanks to their large feet and powerful hind legs, Kangaroos can travel more than 56 kilometers an hour and leap more than 9 meters in a single bound! As you will see in Kangaroos wall murals, they have small front legs and a long, strong tail which helps them balance while jumping. The tallest of all our planet’s marsupials, these amazing animals can stand over two meters tall. Another thing that makes Kangaroos wall murals by Photowall stand out is that these animals are only found in Eastern Australia, where they live in small groups called troops or herds. Typically made up of 50 or more animals, these "mobs", as the Aussies like to call them, will pound the ground with their strong feet if they feel threatened. Their most famous traits however is a pouch on their belly to cradle baby Kangaroos, called joeys. Peruse our Kangaroos wall murals to see these adorable little critters and feel the joy flow through you.

Some samples

Did you know that there are more Kangaroos in Australia than there are Australian people? This is also partially why they are hunted for their skin and meat. Most would argue that it is done to control the population and protect farmer’s crops. No need to worry though, as Kangaroos are not an endangered species. Nonetheless, it is nice to display Kangaroos wall murals not just for awareness, but also because they are such an attractive animal. Imagine the delight your family and friends will feel when seeing Kangaroos wall murals such as "Forester Kangaroo" or "Kangaroo Portrait". While different in execution, these motifs really make your rooms pop and provide tremendous texture. Use the different forms and colours to really give your interior design an upgrade. With such a unique subject matter, Kangaroos wall murals will be your decorative difference between ordinary and extraordinary!
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