One of the most enigmatic animals in the world can now become the highlight of your interior decoration through moose wall murals. While the moose is often depicted as jovial and cuddRead morely in popular fiction, you would definitely not want to mess with one in real life. Did you know that these animals are taller than your average adult human and they weigh as much or more than a car? However, they make for an excellent and fascinating object in moose wall murals from Photowall, rich in detail, flush with colours and possessing tremendous visual weight and interest. This lineup of moose wall murals can enrich your residential, commercial or recreational space formidably. All these motifs can also be adjusted and modified to suit your colour schemes, interior design and overall design plan. Come and learn more while looking at these amazing creatures in moose wall murals.

Great symbolic value

The moose is actually the national symbol of Sweden, since it has the densest population of moose around the world, with the number being around 500,000. There is also regulated hunting of moose in Sweden, mainly to keep them off the road as this can cause vehicular accidents, if the moose ventures to far into human territory. Something like the moose wall mural titled "Rhubarb - Indigo Blue" has the gentle behemoth as its subject while also having a shade of the blue, just like the Swedish flag. However, the reach of the symbolism of moose also extends to the Native Americans, where the moose is a very special animal because of its ability to keep everything balanced. The moose came with the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity, of bravery and grace, which is super meaningful if you put moose wall murals up in your home, office or other space.

Moose wall murals and their facts

To make your selection easier and more precise, let us delve into the animal itself, especially how they live and what they mean to people. Moose are mainly known for their males who have huge antlers that can grow up to 2 meters across or more! They also shed these antlers once a year, which means there must be a lot of "old" antlers lying around in the forests that can be used as souvenirs. Antlers in moose wall murals are quite prominent as this is essentially the creature's trademark. Since moose usually live in areas with cold, snowy winters, including North America, Europe and Asia, they are known all over the world. Moose wall murals thus will make your space feel more globally connected, and many who will view your moose wall murals will have questions about the beings. You can tell them things such as moose being herbivores, excellent swimmers from birth on and that they are the largest member of the deer family. They can process this information while looking at items such as "Moose in Woods".

Raising awareness

Female moose, or cows as they are also called, generally have 1 to 2 calves a year. Even though the calves weigh about thirty pounds at birth and grow very quickly, baby moose do not have the ability to run or protect themselves very well, so the mother stays with her offspring for a year and a half at least, fighting off wolves and bears that try to pick off the young calves. You can see how moose wall murals can also be symbolic of this strong relationship, placing family and community as a priority. The moose wall mural "Woodland Wonders" is beautiful reminder of this, partnering our central subject with its co-inhabitants. In addition, moose wall murals can also be in some small way be your way of contributing to the ever-growing problem of moose population decimating around the globe, mainly because of us humans. Family and friends can be made of aware protecting this animal through wonderful moose wall murals like "John Bauer - Älgtjuren" by the famous Swedish artist.
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