Zebras are a fan African animal. They seem to be a horse but a horse does not have stripes of course! These beautiful, agile creatures roam in herds across the wall murals here. Find Read morethe one you like the best, and enjoy! Cartoon zebras compete with photo-realistic zebras to capture your attention and imagination. One thing you may want to know is this, Zebras come in many species. A member of the African Equids, you can find three types of Zebras. Let a wall mural of a plains Zebra liven up your living room, or perhaps a wall mural of photographic Grévy's and Mountain Zebras.

A touch of the wild right in your home

We all need a touch of nature or wild in our lives from time to time. Well, there are different ways to incorporate nature to our home and other living space. This is to add a little bit of adventure and action that will stimulate our senses. From adding figurines to installing wall coverings, these will truly add life to any dull and boring space. Photowall offers a wide range of wall murals that will surely transform the appearance of your interior. We give you the best quality of materials and designs and will surely be loved by a lot of individuals. Zebras wall murals are beautiful designs that can be added to any of your favorite rooms, especially the bedroom and the living room. With the animals’ unique and beautiful stripes, the wall mural will add pattern to your room. These designs can really add beautiful touches and can make the room stylish and chic, of course with the addition of decorative items. If you love zebras and the effects of their stripes in your home, Zebras wall murals are the ideal choice and something that your eyes can feast. As amiable as the animals, the effects can also give a relaxing atmosphere that can be calming to the senses and of course the mind and body. In addition to these, the Zebras can create a wonderful focal point that you would not regret to flaunt to your family and friends.

The world of Zebras

Zebras are magnificent wild animals. Originated from Africa, most of its symbolisms are associated with the continent. In shamanism, African tribal traditions, psychological sciences, and other ancient religions, Zebra has a deep meaning. Zebras represent community, freedom, balance, and individualism. As a social animal, they stick to its herd as they prefer to clump in familiar groups of individuals for their shelter and protection. They feel more safe in numbers. The animals are aware that their best chance of survival is when they stick together. As such, they symbolize community, protection, society, and family. They rely upon the community and the human need for partnership and security. These animals teach us the value of communal living. Zebras also symbolize freedom as they love to run free and be wild. If you haven’t noticed it, you cannot tame one. The majestic beasts teaches us to love our freedom and not be dictated by anyone. Their black and white stripes represent opposite meanings signifying contradicting symbolisms. Due to their balancing attitudes, zebras always find a way out of tight spot. The stripes signifies balance and deeper spiritual meaning, just like the yin and yang. So, adding the Zebras wall mural to your interior is not just about the animals, but also the lessons and values they teach us. They truly are amazing animals. Happy decorating!
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