A "black panther" is not an own species but rather an umbrella term which refers to any of the big cats that has a black coat. This will also help you explain to your family, friends Read moreand visitors when you put up panthers wall murals in your home, office or recreational spot. This black coat is actually caused by the agouti gene, which regulates the distribution of black pigment within the hair shaft. It is most well known to occur in leopards, which live in Asia and Africa, and jaguars, inhabitants of South America. Both of these examples you will see amply in panthers wall murals. The dark colouring comes from a surplus of melanin, the same pigment responsible for suntans, and an animal with the condition is known as "melanistic". Furthermore, just because black panthers are dark in colour does not mean they do not have spots, these are just harder to see. These graceful and mysterious animals can be the perfect focal point in your interiors with our amazing high-quality panthers wall murals.

Panthers wall murals as emblems

Aside from now being a very famous pop culture figure in the form of a superhero, the black panther has been heavily used as a symbol throughout the ages and in different cultures. Panthers wall murals will justify this with their rich details of the majestic cat and the enigmatic charm it exudes. Even in religions such as Christianity, the panther had a standing in various culture. Just like the three days elapsed between Jesus’ death and rebirth, the same span of time was the panther's sleep. It was also said that the panther’s sweet roar parallels the way in which Jesus spoke with the voice of God. How people can come up with these interpretations is beyond us, but one thing is for sure, the appeal of these beautiful felines is evident especially in such things as panthers wall murals. In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the panther has reemerged as a symbol of leadership and unity. Synonymous with equality and strength, it has become a prominent tool in the civil rights movement. Use this power and importance when you put up panthers wall murals.

Changing impressions

People often think why are not all the nocturnal big cats black, since the darkness of their coat would be an advantage for nighttime hunters. However, it is actually easier for other species to spot a solidly patterned animal versus one whose markings are broken up. A tiger with its stripes or a leopard, jaguar or cheetah with its spots are more difficult to see in lush vegetation than a purely solid-coloured animal such as the black panther. Although panthers might not accurately demonstrate the difference, you can still see what this means. Another common fallacy is that black panthers are strictly night owls. As you will also witness in panthers wall murals, these big cats are very opportunistic. If there is a chance to hunt during the day, and they happen to be hungry, they absolutely will. "Black Panther in Tree" is a perfect panthers wall mural of this persuasion, showing how the creature is watching and in the process of hunting during that daytime.

Other panthers wall murals

Since they are often called "the ghost of the forest", panthers wall murals can be the missing ingredient in making your space attractive and intriguing. You can also use panthers wall murals as an educational tool. The panther is known as a black Jaguar in Latin America, as a black leopard in Asia and Africa, and as a black cougar in North America. This is just an example of the kind of information you can share with people who will undoubtedly admire your interior decoration. Another facet to having this kind of wall decor is awareness, since there are approximately only 250,000 panthers left in the entire world. Having a panthers wall mural within your domain is both stylish and vital, because it will keep it in the mind of people.
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