Whales are classified as aquatic placental marine mammals. They belong to the Cetacean order. They feed, mate, birth, and rear their young solely at sea. They can range from as small Read moreas 2.6 meters to 190 metric tons. That is the blue whale, the largest creature alive. Photowall pays tribute to this amazing marine mammal in its remarkable collection of whales wall murals. These images show these wonderful creatures in poses and scenarios that have endeared them to us throughout history. These whales wall murals are not only beautiful adornments but are harbingers of caution as well. They tell us to take care of these magnificent creatures and not allow them to fall prey to the cruelties of man, lest they disappear from this Earth forever. Place a few of these whales wall murals in your living room to serve as the main subject for contemplation and deep thought in this area. Or position a few in your mini-library or private study to give you the feel of an ancient mariner. These whales wall murals are second to none when it comes to bringing drama and emotion into the inside of your home. Let these whales wall murals liven up your living spaces.

Gargantuan in whales wall murals

The technology of echolocation and sonar used in most modern-day submarines were derived from the biological make-up of whales. Their ability to use sonar to navigate and calculate underwater proved invaluable when it came to developing the defensive and offensive capabilities of these war machines. Photowall shows its respect for this legendary creature with “Ocean Meets Sky Original”, “Whale”, and “Whale Vintage” in its wide collection of whales wall murals. These specific pieces would look perfect in your recreation den. Hang a few of these above the television while watching a documentary on the habits of these animals and you have the perfect environment for learning and enlightenment. You could also elect to place a few of these whales wall murals in your lounging areas. Sit with a hot cup of coffee in your favorite chaise lounge and simply stare in awe at these magnificent yet gentle creatures. Let these whales wall murals remind you of the diversity and immeasurable value of all of God’s creatures. These whales wall murals are a great way to inspire you to join a local or international conservation group that aims to protect these creatures from extinction.

Mythical in whales wall murals

In Herman Melville’s immortal classic novel Moby Dick, the main gist of the tale is the epic battle between a gigantic white whale and the crew of a whaling ship. It is said that Melville took this story from an actual event, and interviewed a few of the sailors who survived it. Photowall lets you in on the adventure with “Killer Whales”, “Star Maker”, and “Whale and Ship” in its fine line of whales wall murals. These images will look captivating on the walls of the sleeping areas and play nooks of your children. Watch as they stare transfixed at the impressive visage of this legendary animal. But these whales wall murals can serve as a learning tool for them as well. It will instill in them love, respect, and a protective attitude toward all things endangered. These whales wall murals will imbue them with wonder for the biological world around them. Among your friends and compatriots, these whales wall murals will raise awareness for the plight of these brave but hunted creatures. Let these whales wall murals touch your heart and ignite your conscience in ways that no other medium could.

Epic and legendary

Many cultures around the world celebrate the whale as a symbol of spirituality and harmony with Mother Earth. Their ability to survive and thrive in a world filled with animal predators and human hunters is a testament to their resilience and courage. Despite hundreds of years of reckless slaughter by the human race, these amazing creatures are still here, and may well be long after the human species has gone extinct. Photowall pays homage to this great survivor with “Cloud Maker Landscape”, “Blue Whale”, and “Breach” in its remarkable collection of whales wall murals. These arresting images would look magnificent on the walls of your dining room. Position a few of these whales wall murals beside your dining table and the conversation will never be as lively and spirited as before. Have your friends who are animal lovers over for dinner to tell you the statistics and projections for the survival of this great species. Get in arguments over what is the most aggressive method of protecting and safeguarding the natural habitats of these aquatic mammals. The time will fly and you will scarcely notice it with the enthusiasm and passion that you will feel.
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