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    Photowall decorate an attic with the full force of Star Wars

    It is May the Fourth and for the big Star Wars Day, we at the wallpaper factory together with Swedish blogger Trendstefan decorated an attic in the true spirit of Star Wars.

    At Tomas´ house, there was no hesitation when it came to renovate the attic that the floral wallpaper would have to go in favour of something more Star Wars inspired. Beloved characters from the blockbuster movies moved in through our wallpaper.

    Transforming the family´s attic into a small Star Wars den didn’t come as a big surprise for Tomas´ friends and family.

    “I liked Star Wars for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I collected everything Star Wars related - from comics to ice cream papers, clippings for the cinema ads and pens.” explains Tomas.

    Tomas´ first child is named after one of the famous Star Wars main characters, Princess Leia. The little three year old also shares her dad´s biggest interest.

    “Leia can already name all the movies, character and spaceships. She also loves to quiz the rest of the family on Star Wars facts and her reaction when she first stepped into the room after its transformation was absolutely fantastic. It really shows she is a true Star Wars fan.”

    The idea behind the attic´s renovation was so it could turn into a family room for both play and cosy nights in front of the TV. Now, that the whole family wishes on the room’s function is fulfilled, it has turned into a true Star Wars den. All walls have been given wallpapers with various Star Wars motifs from Photowall and Tomas´ Star Wars collection can finally take its place.

    “The biggest challenge was finding wallpaper motifs that fit the room's size, but now that I've seen the results, I'm so happy. The wallpaper really gives a great mood throughout the room and a nice background to my Star Wars figures. It is great that the rest of the family are also happy. Now the only thing left is to mount up some shelves so all my collections will fit and the room will look perfect”

    Facts about Tomas:
    Age: 38 years
    Family: Wife and two Star Wars loving children
    Interests: Star Wars in all its forms
    Favourite Star Wars things: Most aspects of Star Wars that followed me from childhood - everything from the characters to comics, books, etc.
    Opinion on the new movie: They have done a good job phasing out of the old characters and introducing the new ones while getting the Star Wars feeling right - so I'm happy!

    This is how the attic looked like before:

    The results after: 

    Star Wars - Poster 4
    Star Wars - Poster 4

    Star Wars motif "Poster 4"

    Star Wars - R2-D2 and C-3PO Tatooine
    Star Wars - R2-D2 and C-3PO Tatooine

    The motif - Star Wars - R2-D2 and C-3PO Tatooine 

    Star Wars - Coruscant Buildings 1
    Star Wars - Coruscant Buildings 1

    The motif - Star Wars - Coruscant Buildings 1 

    The motifs - Star Wars - Stormtrooper, Star Wars - Millennium Falcon Space, Star Wars - Death Star 2, Star Wars - Yoda Close Up

    All the photographs have been styled by the Swedish blogger Trendstefan.

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