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    2015 interior trends to keep in 2016

    There’s no doubt that 2015 was a year of style and sophistication in the interior world – botanical inspired designs adorned the walls of many interiors, as did minimalist style factory settings combined with muted pebble shades. It was a year defined by stripped-back refinement, a look which is set to continue into this year’s home design trends.

    As we’re now into what looks like a new year for interior styles, here we look at which 2015 design themes are still worthy of investment this year.

    Industrial chic

    As the ultimate in understated elegance, there’s no wonder industrial elements had their moment in 2015. It’s telling that the interior world’s love affair with concrete is far from over, with a growing number of people opting to cover their kitchen countertops with the finish, as well as install poured concrete floors. What was once considered a simple building material is now in the mainstream, and is set to be prevalent in 2016's interior design. Complementing this trend perfectly are refined Edison light bulbs and subtle reclaimed wood elements. Whether you want to change your home style to an industrial-centric look, or simply keep a few subtleties in there if you’re not completely sold on it, the industrial trend allows you complete and utter versatility.

    Wallpaper pictured above is called Crackle Texture  by WA Collection

    Botanical beauty

    Botanical prints in exaggerated pattern arrangements exploded onto the interiors scene last year – olive-green velvet fabrics accompanied hessian home accessories to evoke a sense of outdoors, indoors. Nature-inspired gallery walls, as well as flat lay insect prints featured on soft furnishings, accompany this trend. But with multiple facets to this style, it can become quite overpowering in small spaces. For a lighter take on the trend, try introducing some plants into your home, make a beeline for some bee-print cushions or use Photowall’s Herb and Flower Collection wall mural and add it into some frames.

    Wallpaper pictured above is called Bouquet designed by NU Agency.

    Modern metallic

    The metallic home trend is by no means a new phenomenon, it’s something we’ve seen growing over recent years. This style originally started life as part of the industrial interiors trend. However, it has since come into its own with interior designers using metallic-inspired pantone wallpapers and home accessories, which heavily relied on metallic elements. Metals with an antique feel, such as copper, have become great pieces of interior detailing. This year, though, the focus has moved slightly from copper and shifted over to gold and brass. While dented copper accessories such as fruit bowls, and utensil holders will still be on trend, 2016 is all about brass light fittings and gold photo frames.

    Geo graphics

    We’ve seen a huge resurgence in seventies style interiors over the last year, and this micro trend looks as though it’s here to stay in 2016. Bold geometric patterns are inspired by the fearless style pattern designs of the decade, and it’s likely that these won’t go away any time soon. Whether you want to create a modern statement with a geometric wallpapered feature wall, or introduce geo-shaped home accessories such as hexagon mirrors or shelves, there are so many ways to get the geometric look in your home. Opting for furniture with harsh lines and geometric repeated patterns echoed in soft fabrics is a great way to introduce the trend. Geometric designs can be super-impactful if used subtly and can create an avant-garde flow throughout your home.

    Wallpaper pictured above is called Lost Diamonds designed by Scandinavian Surface

    Farmhouse charm

    Stylised barn-like interiors with rustic charm have been a big interior trend for the last couple of years – deriving from the shabby chic trend, farmhouse charm feels slightly more refined - with the same rustic appeal as shabby chic but slightly more classic. Painted furniture in mocha and cream hues gives a countryside feel, and accessorising with pieces that suggest a sense of the outdoors is the best way to channel this trend – hints of driftwood, chalkboard and gingham highlights are all part of getting this look. Straw-like materials such as wicker are a great subtle addition.

    Wallpaper pictured above is called Panorama by Scandinavian Surface

    Which of these interior trends will you be channelling in 2016?

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