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    6 things we learnt from The Great Interior Design Challenge

    The annual hunt for Britain’s best amateur designer returned this year with The Great Interior Design Challenge. Nine contestants battled it out, transforming rooms in a plethora of properties up and down the country – including art deco flats, thatched cottages and modern town houses. 

    Although the series has now come to a close, we’re still reflecting on all the home décor inspiration that we’ve soaked up throughout its episodes. Besides our rekindled adoration for Kelly Hoppen, watching the show has provided plenty of interior design tips and tricks. Transform your home in successful fashion with the help of The Great Interior Design Challenge – just follow these six steps. 

    1. Mood boards are key

    Putting your creative vision onto paper is no mean feat – but it’s an essential step towards design success. While mood boards are used to win over property owners and impress the judges during The Great Interior Design Challenge, they can help you establish basics such as colour and style. 

    2. You can upcycle anything

    During each episode of the series, an upcycling challenge was set to the contestants featuring a spectrum of different items. Their décor wizardry demonstrated how upcycling knows no bounds – transforming everything from a whisky barrel to a delicate metal sphere. Lend inspiration from the show and tackle a project of your own. It presents a great chance to show off your creativity, whether you choose to use chalk paint, wallpaper or leftover scraps of fabric to breathe new life into something old. 

    Wallpaper: "Bears" by Lilesadi

    3. A lot can be achieved in 48 hours

    The show’s amateur designers only have minimal time to completely transform a room, which may seem intense and unrealistic – but it does ring true for many DIY projects. Most of us are time-short and can only squeeze an interiors overhaul into a matter of days. If you’re going to emulate the show’s tight time frame, you’ll need your mood board prepared, materials on hand and bags of energy to blast through your to-do list. 

    Wallpaper: "Holy Granite - Grey" by Nothing Can Go Wrng

    4. Clash those patterns

    2017 runner up Oliver Thomas won legions of fans, thanks to his eye for colour and pattern. In the final episode, we saw him take on a bedroom, clashing all sorts of different textures and patterns with maximalist flair. Follow his bold style by using a variety of prints and materials – experimenting will help you soon find your personal limit. 

    Wallpaper: "Woods - Multi" by Cathy Nordström

    5. Velvet is back

    Fashion had a love affair with velvet during the 80s and 90s, though it seemingly lost its crown for a short while. But during this year’s Great Interior Design Challenge series, the judges took a liking to the Marmite fabric, which is seeing something of a resurgence. After a stint on the catwalk, interior enthusiasts are now using velvet to create a sense of luxe in their spaces. For a refined look, use the material in a blush shade for your soft furnishings. Or to embrace the trend with full force, pick a rug in an attention seeking mustard hue. 

    Wallpaper: "Watercolour - Grey" by Lemon

    6. Minimalism is a winner

    While muted shades and streamlined shapes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, minimalist style was the focus of this year’s winner, Daniela Tasca York. She triumphed in her pursuit of design glory, thanks to her modernist approach. Daniela’s prize-winning rooms featured an abundance of white, clean edges and eclectic textures. 

    Wallpaper: "Spring Pines" by Peppercookies
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