Angels are essentially creatures of spirit who, thanks to the earliest Christian artists some 2000 years ago, have become a staple in Western art. Our collection of angels posters shoRead morews such pieces which adopted Pagan, Egyptian and Assyrian artistic traditions, with unique designs, amazing colours and deep meanings. Since angels are very much associated with Christmas because of the story of the Nativity, they have become synonymous with the festive season. The same can be said for angels posters as these motifs will really liven up your walls. The angels' divine grace and beauty are a massive advantage if you want to upgrade your interiors. Residential spaces such as the living room can really benefit from one of these beautiful angels posters by bringing a sense of calm into the room. Recreational areas such as the man-cave could really use a little bit of art, don't you think? Even corporate rooms like the break room at the office will be improved when you use angels posters by Photowall.

The history in angels posters

Although Judaism, Islam and Christianity all acknowledge the existence of angels, they are not the only faiths to believe in these spiritual beings. Zoroastrianism, for example, believes that each person has their own guardian angel called. Despite the obvious religious connotations, you do not have to be spiritual to have an appreciation for these angels posters. The style and beauty of these motifs transcends the religious aspect, if you choose to do so, of course. Nonetheless, the recurring theme within the theology of angels, and accepted by many of the above named religions, is that they are messengers of some kind. The word angel itself is a hybrid fusion of the Old English and French etymology, both of which were borne from the Latin angelus which is derived from the ancient Greek angelos which means messenger. Make your angels posters the messenger of relaxation and sophistication in your rooms. Angels are also considered to be representations of God and to act on behalf of Him, making this kind of wall decor really meaningful and deep.

Different types

Most people lump angels into one category, but there are actually three spheres when it comes to angels in Christianity. In the first sphere, you will find angels that are said to be direct servants of God, like the Seraphim, the highest rank of angel and one of the most prominent in angels posters. There are also Cherubs who originally were created to guard the Garden of Eden. They are commonly depicted as baby angels, which is not how cherubs are described biblically but the image became popularized in Baroque art as a symbol for God. You can see this kind in angels posters such as "Two Angels, Raffaello Santi". Then there are also Thrones, which are named as such because they are the angels that carry God’s throne. In the second sphere reside the angels who rule over Earth, such as the Dominions, Virtues and Powers or Authorities. The third sphere contains angels whose primary job is helping humans, they are guides, messengers and protectors. You will see plenty of each in angels posters by Photowall.

The art in angels posters

Due to their beauty and fascinating nature, it is no wonder that angels have inspired so many artists in their time. In this category of angels posters, you will find pieces by prominent masters like Botticelli and Dore. "Sandro Botticelli - Birth of Venus" is a sublime example of this, an angels poster that just oozes style and sophistication. Gustave Dore's illustrations of the Bible made him very well-known and in demand. His drawings in what was once the new illustrated English bible, which was translated into 22 languages, brought in many more commissions. This was also the first time that this way of art by a religious artist was painted not for a church or a cathedral but for people at home. You can see the significance and difference in angels posters like "Angel Rebukes Israel -Gustave Dore". This kind of angels poster can bring a more dramatic vibe into your interiors.
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