Reflections of all sorts of things in the large bodies of water make one feel as if there are two heavens, one on top of the other. This simple yet appealing phenomenon has given humaRead moren beings a sense of size and freedom when gazing at these mirror images. There is nothing that lends one a feel of the great expanse of nature than seeing the reflection of a mountain range mirrored in the placid waters of a lake. Photowall gives a nod to this marvelous characteristic of the natural world with its colorful collection of reflections posters. These images showcase some of the most arresting vistas mirrored in large bodies of water. These reflections posters will be perfect in your living room or recreational areas as they will provide them the illusion of a wider space, not to mention the feel of the great outdoors. Position them in your lounging nooks and resting spaces to give you that vibe of relaxation and peace that you’ve always looked for. Let them sit in the sleeping areas or play nooks of your children and watch as they halt their mischief and horseplay and stare transfixed at these reflections posters.

Mirrored in reflections posters

In Greek mythology, the mortal Adonis, who was possessed with a handsomeness unequaled by anyone on Earth, once caught a glimpse of his own reflection in the still waters of a lake. So enamored was he at the magnificence of his visage that he tried to embrace his own reflection in the water, causing him to fall into the lake and drown. This kind of destructive self-love is called Hedonism and derives its etymology from Adonis himself. This interesting little story gives testament to the endearing quality that bodies of water possess when reflecting the images of things above them. Photowall lets you see more clearly with “Reflection of Lake Matheson”, “Lake Louise, Alberta Canada, North America, Panorama”, and “Fuji Mountain in Autumn” in its fine line of reflections posters. These one-of-a-kind images depict some of the most beautiful natural wonders in existence mirrored in the waters of the great bodies of water below them. These amazing reflections posters will make the perfect centerpiece in your living room and even in your hallways. Position a few of these reflections posters in strategic locations around your home to liven up the space.

Marvelous in reflections posters

In William Shakespeare’s immortal play, Hamlet, there is a scene where our hero is directing actors in a play. He admonishes them that the true purpose of art is to hold the mirror up to nature, to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure. The same wisdom holds true for large bodies of water and the magnificent wonders of nature that they reflect. Photowall mirrors this sentiment with “Lago di Landro”, “Summer Lake”, and “Butterfly Orchid” in its splendid line of reflections posters. These arresting images feature some of the most majestic and placid marvels of the natural world, reflected in the waters of the lakes beneath them. These magnificent reflections posters will coordinate beautifully with any color wall or wallpaper you decide to backdrop them with. Sit in your favorite spot with a hot mug of malted chocolate and feel your cares fall away with these fine reflections posters around you. Feel as though you’ve traveled to these beautiful locales as these unique reflections posters transport you to their respective places in the world.

Majestic and magnificent

From animals to man-made edifices to natural occurrences in the sky, all these look especially astounding when reflected in the still, mirror-like quality of the waters beneath them. Photowall gives you perfect examples of these with “Morning Flamingo”, “Northern Light over Troms Coast, Norway”, and “Chicago Skyline” in its amazing collection of reflections posters. The first image mentioned depicts flamingos standing in knee-deep water, while reflected in the placidness below them. The second one showcases the Aurora Borealis mirrored in a quiet lake and the third features the entire Chicago Skyline duplicating its visage in the adjacent river. These wonderful reflections posters would lend a cosmopolitan feel to the dull and dreary spaces in your home. Invite some friends over for an evening of wine and oysters as you trade stories about the beautiful vistas you have visited that were reflected in massive still bodies of water. Let them regale you with their tales of travel and adventure as you while away the whole night in lively conversation, all the while surrounded by these marvelous reflections posters. Let your heavy cares and burdens all fall away with these remarkable reflections posters in your abode.
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