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At its most basic form, music is a language, just like one you would read aloud from a book or something. The symbols you would see on the pages are part of Photowall's high qualityRead more collection of sheet music posters. These symbols have been used for hundreds of years! You can make them part of your interior decoration with our wide variety of motifs in the sheet music posters assortment. They represent the pitch, speed and rhythm of the songs they convey, as well as expressions and techniques used by musician to play the pieces of music. If you play music or have friends who play musical instruments, this is the ideal focal point in your home or office. You can expand your general artistic knowledge while at the same time providing your room great visual style and a universally adored theme. As per usual with Photowall, you can alter your selected items to match, or contrast, with your already existing interior design, aesthetic, colour schemes and any other decorative elements present.

The basics that come with sheet music posters

Since music is made up of a variety of symbols, you can familiarize yourself with these fundamental components using our lineup of sheet music posters. If you already know the most basic symbols which are the staff, the clefs and the notes, you can also use these pieces to retain and enhance that knowledge. The staff consists of five lines and four spaces where each of those lines and each of those spaces represents a different letter, which in turn represents a note. The two main clefs is a treble clef and the bass clef. You can see these things in sheet music posters such as Grunge Musical Notes. This motif can work well in any given setting, no matter if the space you have chosen to decorate is residential, corporate or recreational in nature. Use sheet music posters to spruce up any room, our unique designs, great tones and rich details will make your area pop with visual weight and impact.

Take note

Notes placed on the staff tell which note letter to play on the instrument and how long to play it. There are three parts of each note, which are the note head, the stem and the flag. These are very important symbols to musicians as it has to with the timing and the beat. In sheet music posters such as Musical Notes part 2, you can see this significance, as well as the tremendous style such a motif can bring to your proverbial table. Another vital aspect to reading music is scale, which is made of eight consecutive notes. For example, the C major scale is composed of C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. These are where the melodies come in, giving the music its character and charm. There are melodies we can just hum along to without knowing the actual song, such is the power of these factors. Since music can take us to faraway places in our minds, Photowall also has geographically themed sheet music posters such as Old Music Sheet World Map. This fantastic and stunning image can instantly transform your room into an extraordinary area.

Something for everyone in sheet music posters

Sheet music posters possess a lot of variety when it comes to providing you with an ideal decoration tool. No matter what room you are intending to beautify, there is an image here for you. For mothers, Cover Girl could be the item to make the difference in the living room or her office. The kids might be delighted to have something like Colors of Music in their bed or study room. The bright colours of this particular sheet music poster can inspire them to take up music or continue playing. For the men out there, perhaps Front Page Cover Girl is something to consider. The beautiful legend that is Rita Hayworth is rendered here in classic black and white, looking elegant and beautiful, truly a sheet music poster to adore.
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