Pleasant sounds are always welcome when it comes to our own personal space. Incorporating music in your interior decoration is now made a lot easier by Photowall's excellent lineup Read moreof Nashville posters. It may be known as the Music City, but Nashville can do a lot more than just carry a tune. Not only is it a leading healthcare provider, a foodie destination, and a must-see for history buffs, it is also the only place in the world where you will find a full-size replica of the famous Parthenon. With Nashville posters, you can combine all these great attributes and bring that special spirit into your home, office or recreational space. Located in the gorgeous state of Tennessee, the city of Nashville also surprisingly happens to have North America's largest Kurdish community, which is just some fun trivia you will learn upon perusing these Nashville posters.

Some trademarks in Nashville posters

One of the greatest things people say about living in Nashville is its individuality and uniqueness. The Nashville skyline is ever-changing, but there are buildings that will remain even as the city grows and serve their function as great reminders of the metropolis' past and present. These local structures made the Nashville posters assortment not only for their architecture and their history, but also because they can lend any room great style and charm. One of such buildings is the AT&T Building but more commonly and endearingly referred to as the “Batman Building”. The two spires at the top of this skyscraper mimic the silhouette of the famous superhero, giving the building its distinct and memorable nickname. Another remarkable landmark of this city is the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, named after a local journalist and civil rights advocate who once physically stopped a man from committing suicide off the bridge. This means you can have a Nashville poster that does not only please visually, but also has a deeper and more meaningful connotation.

A brief history

First off, the metropolis that is Nashville today was named after Francis Nash, who was one of the few patriot generals killed during the American Revolution. The city, as already stated, is full of history. Historians credit The Battle of Nashville, which was fought in December 1864, as one of the greatest tactical victories for the Union Army during the Civil War. People will be able to sense this antiquity and strong records in a lot of these Nashville posters that just ooze personality. Another important aspect to getting to know and appreciate the subject at hand is the fact that from February through May 1960, African-American college students staged a series of sit-ins at stores and restaurants throughout downtown Nashville. While these were not the first displays of nonviolent protest, they were some of the most successful, leading to the city becoming the very first Southern city to desegregate public establishments!

The sound in Nashville posters

Nashville's well-known nickname was first uttered in 1950, when radio announcer David Cobb proclaimed Nashville “Music City, USA.” The city's musical reputation began with the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University, an all-black a capella group that toured the nation during the 1870s to raise money for the university. Nashville has the highest concentration of music industry employees of any city in the world, with nearly in 60,000 total! Feel and hear the sound coming on these amazing Nashville posters that can make for a great focal point in any residential, corporate or recreational space. You can also try to trace and match the more than 150 live music venues in Nashville with these motifs. Hear those honky-tonks and country music with Photowall's superb selection of Nashville posters!
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