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The French influence can be a wonderful asset in decorating your residential, corporate or recreational space. You can use the state capital for Iowa for this particular reason sincRead moree Photowall has a splendid selection of Des Moines posters that showcase the beauty of this city in the United States of America. This state capital was named after the nearby Desmoines River, whose name in French traces back to the phrase “River of the Monks.” Even though people might think it is a small city, Des Moines will prove them wrong with an assortment of gorgeous motifs. As a matter of fact, Des Moines serves as headquarters for two major corporations recognized as belonging to the Forbes Global 2000 world’s biggest companies, which are Principal Financial Group and American Equity Investment. With Des Moines posters, you have a decoration tool at your disposal to revamp your room with. You can also alter them to mix, fit or contrast with your already existing interior design, colour schemes and other decorative components.

The interest in Des Moines posters

Des Moines is a place that mixes the old and the new, where you can find quirky and artistic attractions such as the interesting Pappajohn Sculpture Park, but also historical landmarks like the State Capitol building which you will see in Des Moines posters. As well as historic gems like museums and mansions, you will also find local initiatives such as the Downtown Farmers’ Market where one gets to experience of the local flavors. Located in the Downtown Historic Court District of the city, the farmers’ market is supports the local community with over 300 local vendors all selling their wares in the same place! This includes farmers, bakers and artisans, and the market has been running for over 40 years. As you can see, just like Des Moines posters, this drive to support locals is here for the long run. Furthermore, more than a million people flock to Des Moines every August to experience the famous Iowa State Fair. To put that into perspective, the entire population of Iowa is only about 3 million! Bring this amazing place into your home or office with our array of Des Moines posters.

A little bit of history

A fort was originally built in what is now Des Moines to control and supervise the Sauk and Meskwaki Indian tribes who, logically, struggled with the change in traditional lifeways. When the tribes were removed to Indian Territory and the fort closed, settlers moved into the fort in 1846 and the town grew. In May of 1851, a devastating flood destroyed the entire town as the rivers rose to unprecedented heights due to ridiculous rainfall. Growth was slow during the Civil war, but at the conclusion of the fighting the city just thrived suddenly and exponentially, with the expansion being massively fueled by the railroad completion in 1866. At the turn of the century, the city undertook a project to create large Beaux Arts public buildings along the river, where some of these structures stand today and display this period proudly in Des Moines posters. Nowadays, the city is considered one of the top three insurance capitals of the world where one can find numerous financial institutions calling Des Moines home. Perhaps you can see some of them in Des Moines posters like Des Moines Iowa Skyline.

Icons in Des Moines posters

Rated as one of the top five state capitols in the United States, the Iowa State Capitol is dominated by the 23-karat gold-leaf-covered central dome, 84 meters above the ground. With additional domes at each of its four corners, it is the only five-domed capitol in the country. It was completed in 1886 as the city’s tallest building, a title it would hold for about 40 years. See if you can find it in Des Moines posters like Des Moines Iowa Skyline, black and white, a beautifully dramatic image that can look great in any given space you choose to embellish. Des Moines posters is also home to the tallest building in the state of Iowa, which is the 801 Grand. This magnificent buildings stands at a whopping 192 meters!
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