When people think of Finland, they firstly and mostly think of things like Nokia, snow and saunas, but there is so much more to this wonderful country. Finland posters by Photowall Read morewill show this gorgeous side, as this high quality and excellent selection has beautiful lakes, modern architecture and so much more to choose from. Also known as the land of a thousand islands, this place is mainly a nature paradise destination. The natural beauty present in the Finnish environment make Finland posters the ideal visual tool for your home, office or recreational space.

The winter in Finland posters

A very established fact is that the Finns love winter! There even seems to be some sort of national pride based on the coldest season of the year. Even though the cold weather is a necessary part of life in this particular location based on its climate, it is not just accepted but cherished from an early age. There is a lot to love about Finland in the winter, from fun activities such as skiing to snowmobiling, to admiring pristine views that only blank snowy landscapes can provide. Finland posters such as Ostrobothnia in Winter Dress are a perfect example of this. Winter is also the best time to properly enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna, which may even be the ultimate reason why Finns love theirs winters so much. Ungsholmen in Helsinki, Finland is another one of those Finland posters that can bring the beauty of the snow season into your space, no matter if this is residential, corporate or recreational.

White City of the North

The capital of Finland is fast-growing and beautiful city that possesses all the great qualities of big metropolis, but without the baggage such as pollution and even traffic. Helsinki is one of the coldest cities in the world where the average annual temperature does not exceed 0 °C and the sun is totally blocked for around 51 day a year! Nonetheless, the wild but beautiful Nordic nature, majestic mountains, an abundance of small islands with crystal clear water and fascinating architecture this place worth a visit and even if just as a theme in your interior decorations in the form of a Finland poster. Helsinki only became an important city in 1812 when Russia occupied Finland. During that particular period of time, it gained many Neo-classical touches, all so characteristic of Saint Petersburg’s architecture, which you can see in Finland posters like Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral in Evening Light, a magnificent motif that will instantly bring a lot of class to your space.

The natural touch of Finland posters

Thanks to the fact that Finland is large and mostly comprised of trees, lakes and rivers, the country's people have a natural affinity to all things outdoors. Being in nature and enjoying its perks is also a big part of why the Finns are considered some of the happiest and healthiest people in the world. National park Finland is a Finland poster that highlights this connection. Sunlit Deciduous Trees, Finland is another welcome sight that Finland posters can provide for your room or rooms. Another important aspect of Finland is its fame for their water. It is so clean, tasty and of such high quality that it is exported to many different countries facing a potable water problem. Interestingly, one of these countries is Saudi Arabia, which has been buying potable water from the Finns for decades! You can see some of this in the Finland posters like Lapland River or Finnish Forest River. These items can bring the beauty of nature into your home or office, creating a sense of calm and peace of mind.
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