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Moscow - Poster - Living Room




We all like a little bit of mystery in our lives, even in our decoration as it makes it more memorable for us and our visitors. Now even though Moscow is the city of golden domes, iRead morempressive architecture and some of the best museums in Europe, it still retains that intrigue and enigmatic nature. Photowall has a magnificent collection of Moscow posters that can bring that allure into your home, office or recreational space. The city itself is big and beautiful, just like our wonderful array of Moscow posters. Whether you plan to visit the Russian capital some day, or have already been there, the sights in this category will mesmerize you and whoever lays eyes upon it. You also have the option of modifying these Moscow posters to match or contrast with your already existing colour schemes, aesthetics and overall design.

The appeal in Moscow posters

Moscow is the most heavily populated city in Russia, as well as the largest city on the European continent! This makes it an excellent focal point in decorating your residential, corporate or recreational walls. This iconic and global city is the key political, economic, cultural and scientific centre of not only Russia, but all of Eastern Europe. Moscow posters pays tribute to this and has a gorgeous palette of visual options for you. Renowned primarily for the Red Square, the Kremlin and St. Basil’s cathedral, there is so much more to explore in the capital of Russia. Twilight time of Saint Basils Cathedral is supremely pretty example of the aforementioned sights, while Railroad Bridge in Moscow is a Moscow poster that is in the background but still possesses incredible quality and beauty. Aside from having these tremendous real life photographs that will immediately transport you to this incredible place, Moscow posters also has a selection of artworks that give the Russian capital a deeper meaning and more artistic value. Moscow Christmas is beautiful work of art that can be applied to a children's room, with all its charm and the affable colours on display.

A concise history

As one can tell, this metropolis of Russia has a long history and as with any place rich with history, it hides a lot of secrets, making it an intriguing entity, but also very charming location. This charm and intrigue is plentiful in Photowall's assortment of Moscow posters, so let us delve a little bit into the history behind these amazing motifs. The great city of Moscow was first mentioned in writing way back in 1147. Even though Moscow been burned and ransacked, its people built it back up again time after time, showing the Russian trait of resilience and perseverance. In the late 19th century, when the Industrial Revolution began, Modern Moscow began to flourish. After the Second World War, the city once again continued to grow until Communism collapsed in Russia in 1991. This deep and fierce history shows up in a lot of Moscow posters, making it the ideal decoration tool for a home or office, as the sturdiness and strength can be transmitted through visuals. Moscow River at Night is a fine example of this, standing proud and tall amidst what one could interpret as an oncoming storm, such is the power of Moscow posters.

The Kremlin in Moscow posters

A fun fact to know when acquiring Moscow posters is that red Kremlin used to actually be white! Nowadays, the Kremlin is a distinctive red colour, as you can see in the Russia poster entitled The Fortified Walls of Moscow Kremlin. This fabulous piece can make any space more interesting, no matter if it is residential, corporate or recreational. The Kremlin is also the biggest active medieval fortress in the world, whose territory spans more than 27 hectares and where the walls are over 2.5 kilometers long. Twenty towers are sprinkled across the grounds, each with its own personal name, apart from two oddly anonymous towers. You can see some of these in the Russia poster named Fireworks over Kremlin, a beautiful photograph that looks magical and can act as the ideal focal point in your interior decoration.
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