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Another beloved children's book can now be the central theme in your kid's room. With Photowall's Mamma Moo posters selection, you will have an array of images that are charming, viRead morebrant with colour and full of affable stories and scenes ideal for children of all ages. Mamma Moo and Crow are definitely two of Sweden’s most loved characters, and you will have plenty of options in terms of design and deeper meaning when utilising them in your space. These iconic figures created by Jujja and Tomas Wieslander were beautifully illustrated by Sven Nordqvist, with the series' books about Mamma Moo still being read all over the world. They have been translated into more than 30 languages, giving Mamma Moo posters a global appeal and allure. Furthermore, since all of these designs are created from scanned original drawings by Sven Nordqvist, the beautiful richness of detail in Mamma Moo posters will look the same as in the originals.

The good values in Mamma Moo posters

Mamma Moo and Crow’s friendship is one of the main staples of this series. Although they might seem like an unlikely pair, the intense Crow and the calm Mamma Moo get along swimmingly, teaching the young ones that when putting differences aside, beautiful relationships can form. With Mamma Moo posters, kids will learn that being friends through thick and thin is one of the most valuable things in the world. Another aspect to this is the characters' actual dissimilarities. While Crow can be perceived as selfish and a bit of a know-it-all, which is just to mask his own insecurity, Mamma Moo is a happy and friendly optimist who wants to learn and try everything. Having Mamma Moo posters in their space can not only complement your other interior design elements, but also in a metaphorical sense. The disparity of these figures can also be representative of your own child's dichotomy in personality. As with everything, there needs to be a certain balance. Mamma Moo posters can act as that equilibrium in morals and values, since the common ground of these classic characters is loyalty, a very important attribute to have and pass on to the young ones.


A harmonious Mamma Moo posters collection can bring a real sense of calm into any child's bedroom, study area or play space. All of these designs are characterised by a serenity and kinship, which makes it difficult to feel stressed when you set your eyes upon this classic pair. Your kid can rest, relax and be creative in the two friends’ wonderful world and be inspired by Mamma Moo’s friendliness and good nature. There are plenty of scenes to choose from, each with their individual stories and charm. Take for instance the Mamma Moo poster entitled Mamma Mu & Kråkan - Vad vet en ko, which shows a couple of scenarios where Mamma Moo and Crow bond over different things. This beautiful collage can look sublime in any child's space. The gorgeous colour and hues only add to the charm and allure of this wonderful motif. Mamma Moo posters can have an overall positive effect on your child's disposition and mood.

Mamma Moo posters as inspirational tool

The stories about Mamma Moo and Crow are inspired by children, for children, no wonder the children absolutely love it! You can turn the room into your kid's absolute favourite room by decorating it with Mamma Moo posters. With Photowall's assortment, you can create your own Mamma Moo and Crow world within your home or recreational area. Mamma Moo's poetic nature and affinity for singing make her a great inspiration for children to creative on their own. Just as this character is captivated by the abilities of children, you can also captivate the children with these amazing Mamma Moo posters. You can see this in the image named Mamma Mu & Kråkan - Mamma Mu ABC, which is a wonderfully artistic and child-friendly rendering that can transform any room into a warm and welcoming space.
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