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The groundbreaking French Impressionist movement of the 19th century is one of the most famous eras in terms of painting. One artist that is almost synonymous with this is the centrRead moreal figure in one of our most stylish and gorgeous categories, the Claude Monet posters. As one of the world’s most prolific painters, Monet’s reputation has remained steadfast for generations and his influence can still be felt today. With Claude Monet posters, you have the works of a fascinating artist, beautiful motifs and a remnant of history packed into one sublime collection. Whether you want to revitalize your home, office or any other space, these images will elevate your interiors into another stratosphere. Turn your walls into a magnificent gallery with these Claude Monet posters that possess a wonderful array of colours and subjects, which can convey the impressive scale and intention of his pieces, allowing you to observe the details of the artist’s signature style.

Biographical details with Claude Monet posters

Born in Paris on November 14, 1840, Monet spent his childhood in the city of Havre. He developed his passion for art over time, starting with caricatures and then painting, which he studied in Paris in 1859 at the Swiss Academy. As Monet developed his own style, he faced some financial difficulties because despite the success of "The Woman in a Green Dress", no art gallery would expose his work. Once the Franco-Prussian War broke out, Monet went to London where he met the art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel who would eventually buy his works and help in making Monet’s impressionist paintings known, many of which you can see in our grand display of Claude Monet posters. A small faction of the future impressionist group met up in 1872 in Argenteuil where the movement’s very first work, Impression, Rising Sun, was produced and which later gave its name to the movement. This painting was exhibited to the public during the first impressionist exhibition in 1874 and would indeed mark the height of the impressionist movement, defining Monet as one of its creators. Many of his finest works are on display here in the form of Claude Monet posters.

Mentors and influences

It was in Le Havre that Monet met Eugene Boudin, one of the first landscape artists to paint outside giving him the title "The King of the Skies". Boudin noticed the young Monet’s talent and invited him to paint with him in Normandy. This encouragement proved vital to Monet’s development as a landscape artist, where he learnt from Boudin’s desire to capture light in his paintings. You can witness this in Claude Monet posters such as Fontainebleau - Claude Monet. The artist himself also had a great fascination with Japanese art and prints. Monet’s interest in Japanese style was echoed by French society at large, which experienced a mini-obsession with the oriental in the 19th century. Monet’s most famous subject, water lilies, is also attributed to his interest in Japanese art. You can see this stunning painting in Waterlilies - Claude Monet in the Claude Monet posters section.

Claude Monet posters with different subjects

Although all of his subjects seem to be landscapes and plants, Monet would every once in a while devote a painting to people. These paintings have a similar feel to a candid photo as their expressions do not belie any deep emotion. Claude Monet posters such as Woman with Parasol, Claude Monet convey the feeling that the wind is blowing and it is as if the artist has just managed to take a snapshot with paint. Such is the power of these motifs, presenting one of the most prominent proponents of one of art's most important and iconic movements in the shape of these incredible Claude Monet posters.
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