We all know that the horse has been one of the animals closest to man for a long time. The main reason for that long, unbroken relationship is the ability of horses to provide assistaRead morence in easing the workload of mankind. To maintain this liaison there have to be stallions which are instrumental in maintaining the horse populations at proper levels through their reproductive ability. This is why Photowall has put together a wonderful collection of stallions posters for you to display in your space. Many people do not realize the real difference between a stallion and a horse. The stallion is essentially the reproductively viable adult male of the horse, while a horse can be any of foal, yearling, colt, filly, mare or stallion. Thus, stallions posters can be great to look at, but also educational. You can also share with your family, friends and visitors this learning through these sublime motifs in stallions posters. The beauty and grace of this animal will spruce up any residential, recreational and even corporate interior.

Diversity in stallions posters

Variety is a vital asset in decorating your home, hangout or workplace. Stallions posters have different kinds of breeds when it comes to their subjects. It is actually quite difficult to calculate exactly how many horse breeds there are in the world. Many types of horses either are close offshoots of other breeds or have been blended into other breeds over time. There are studies that list over 200 separate breeds of horses, but there are also others that merely have 150, although the latter also included ancient breeds that no longer exist but are the ancestors of many breeds today. Either way, you will be more than satisfied with the options in stallions posters, not just in terms of breeds, but also colours. The stallions poster named "Beautiful Lusitano Horse", for example, shows off the beautiful brown hue of this regal creature. The Lusitano horse breed is known for its noble character, power and majesty. The Lusitano is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world with cave paintings of them in the Escoural Caves of Alentejo dating back to 1700 BC!

A real symbol

According to its colour, a horse may symbolize many different traits, depending on the culture of its origin. It is connected in many ways with aspects of the earth, specifically air and wind, acting as the mediator between heaven and earth. Centaurs, for example, are considered wind gods in some civilizations. Stallions posters can be the representation of the values you seek in your interiors. The reason why humans and horses have such a connection is also because these animals carry many characteristics of mankind as well, such as fertility, sensitivity, anger, strength, vanity and so on. Your selected stallions posters can even act as a reflection of your own personality in this regard. "Gray Arab Stallion" is a stallions poster that really hits the spot, with the classic black and white tones able to represent different emotions and vibes.

More stallions posters

Another great facet to stallions posters is the visual dynamism they bring into any space. It can inspire and create a different ambiance, one that is livelier and more energetic. Just take "Rocky Mountain Stallion" for instance, a stallions poster that just screams action! Despite what its name indicates, the Rocky Mountain Horse did not originate in the West. While history is uncertain about the exact origins of this breed, tradition states that a family from the West returning to the East traded a colt for provisions in an eastern Kentucky village. This colt grew up to be an incredibly gentle stallion with a natural four-beat gait. Gorgeous stallions posters such as these can really transform your interiors into a memorable domain.
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