If you have elected to use Photowall's excellent assemblage of ponies posters under the horses category, your interiors are guaranteed to look great. Nonetheless, it is perhaps wise tRead moreo consider the difference between what constitutes a horse and what constitutes a pony. Our ponies posters will also help you in that assessment. The most obvious difference of course is size. For most purposes, a pony is any horse that is under 146 centimeters, but this distinction varies between breeds and places. Some horses are more pony-ish in their behavior and physiology, and some ponies more horse-like. There are also breeds that are under that mark but are considered horses such as the Miniature Horse and the Icelandic Horse. The latter can also be seen in this beautiful arrangement of ponies posters. Others like the Welsh Pony will have individuals above the pony height standards, but may still be regarded as a pony. We will talk more about these variations as we go on with our tour of ponies posters.

More information with ponies posters

Horses and ponies often tend to have very different temperaments, wherein ponies tend to be more stoic and intelligent than larger horses. Mind you though, it is a mistake to see this as docility because ponies can be quite wily, who are very adept at avoiding work and withstanding the consequences. This hint of mischief is a welcome trait in ponies posters because it gives it character. Ponies posters can give your interiors that charm, but also style, beauty and grace in one wonderful package. As you can see in these ponies posters, their coats tend to grow thicker in the winter, which often does not shed out until the hottest days of summer. Obviously, they are heavier boned and shorter legged in proportion to their bodies compared to horses. Thicker manes and tails are also a feature that you can witness in ponies posters. Just look at the mane on display in ponies posters like "Wild Beige Horse"!

Ancient lineage

In ponies posters, you will not only find a healthy variety of colours, but also of the different breeds. The Welsh pony breed, for example, is probably almost as old as the Romans’ somewhat unsuccessful entry into the British Isles! The Welsh Mountain pony flourished where it landed in the rough countryside and the mountains of Wales long before anyone thought that the fact was worth recording. These survivors in wild bands of mares and foals, each with its own stallion, surviving even the edict of King Henry VII that proclaimed all horses under 15 hands be destroyed. This resilience can be the accompanying characteristic when you bring ponies posters into your domain. Those ponies that did survive that order were probably improved by the fact that they were hidden in the wilder parts of the mountains and thus maintained their purity. "Welsh Pony" is a supreme example of this, one look at this ponies poster and you will fall in love.

Shetland in ponies posters

Another very interesting breed is the Shetland pony, which is a small and hardy breed from the Shetland Isles, off Scotland’s north-east coast. These small horses have existed on Shetland for more than 2,000 years, with archaeological excavations on the islands revealing bones of Bronze age equids. Horses probably crossed onto the Shetlands from the icefields and were later crossed with stock brought by Norse settlers. This is also why you can see the slight similarities in ponies posters and Icelandic horses posters. Due to the isolation, the Shetland pony developed without much influence from more modern breeds. "Shetland Ponies" and "Shetland Pony Running Through Buttercups" are just but a few of the ponies posters that can give your interiors that x-factor.
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